Why you encounter facial skin problems during pregnancy

You need to take care of your appearance when you’re pregnant! Stressing out over it won’t help you or your baby. Most pregnant mums eventually reach a stage where we wake up in the morning and our facial skin just looks terrible....
August, 2020

How we created our Mama’s Choice Relaxing Massage oil

Here’s how we came up with our 100% natural, safe and effective prenatal massage oil.  Motherhood is amazing. There’s no feeling like raising a child. But sometimes, it can be seriously unfair. Morning sickness, stress and back...
July, 2020

Why Paraben-free Stretch Mark cream is best

It can be tough to find a good, paraben-free stretch mark cream. Many stretch mark creams and cosmetics that you’ll find in the market do contain parabens. Unfortunately, this information is often written in fine print, which you...
March, 2020

Toothaches during pregnancy

Why do pregnant women often experience toothaches? How should pregnant women deal with toothaches when they should restrict the amount of drugs they use? What are the dangers of toothaches? Let’s find out in this article!  ...
March, 2020

The dangers of fluoride in toothpaste

Fluoride is a mineral often found in toothpaste that helps to prevent cavities. This substance protects our teeth from erosion due to acid and bacterial plaque. Fluoride is also commonly found in mouthwashes as well as dental care...
March, 2020

8 reasons why you should use Miswak Toothpaste

Have you heard of miswak toothpaste before? Dating back to the Babylonian empire, humans have used miswak sticks (the toothbrush tree) to clean their teeth for thousands of years! It isn’t found in normal toothpastes anymore,...
March, 2020

How to improve your pregnancy mood

Mums are often, if not always, busy and on-the-go. Combined with the notorious mood swings that you will probably experience during pregnancy, that can be a troublesome combination. That’s why no matter how packed your schedule...
March, 2020

How to choose a safe mouthwash during pregnancy

How do you choose a safe pregnancy mouthwash? Let’s find out! Oral hygiene isn’t easy when you’re pregnant. More bacteria can live inside your mouth, which worsens your gum health and gives you bad breath throughout the...
March, 2020
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