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Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow

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Let your little one enjoy a good night’s sleep with Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow that promotes good head shape and relieves the pressure on your baby’s head and neck.

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Up until 12 months, babies’ heads are still relatively soft and can easily be deformed because of their sleep positions. Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow helps prevent flat head syndrome from developing with its concave contour that maintains the original shape of your baby’s head. It’s also designed to support the head and neck, and reduce pressure on the neck and spine.

• 100% organic memory foam with a thickness of 3 cm
• Soft cotton outer material which is gentle on the skin
• Ergonomic design, suitable for various places such as beds, strollers, car seats, and more
• Ideal for supine and side sleeping positions


Colour Blue, Pink, Yellow


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