How to Stop Vaginal Itching: 5 Tips for Staying Itch-Free

New mamas are, unfortunately, facing vaginal itching. Luckily, there are many ways to find relief at home. Read this article to learn how to stop vaginal itching right away.

Vaginal itching is prevalent among women, especially new mamas like you. Unfortunately, it can be particularly bothersome for mamas already dealing with many other physical and emotional changes.

However, there’s no need to feel ashamed when it comes to this discomfort. In fact, according to a study, about 43% of women who just gave birth experienced itching.

This is due to hormonal imbalance, vaginal dryness, and other health issues that come with pregnancy and giving birth.

how to stop vaginal itching

With this, we believe it’s important for new mamas to know that you are not alone in experiencing this issue.

This article aims to provide new mamas with a practical guide on how to deal with vaginal itching so that you can stay clean, fresh, and itch-free down there with minimal effort.

We understand that new motherhood is already challenging enough — so let’s make feminine hygiene easy, shall we?

How to Stop Vaginal Itching for New Mamas

Here are some tips on how new mamas can stop vaginal itching at home:

1. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can help keep the body hydrated. This can reduce dryness in the genital area, which can contribute to itching.

2. Wear loose and breathable clothing

Tight-fitting clothing can trap moisture and heat, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. With this in mind, we highly suggest opting for cotton underwear and loose-fitting bottoms to allow air to circulate — effectively reducing moisture.

3. Use a pH-balanced, pregnancy-safe feminine wash

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Traditional soaps and body washes can be too harsh for the sensitive skin in the genital area. Using these can sometimes lead to itching and irritation.

A pH-balanced feminine wash can help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria and prevent the overgrowth of yeast or other harmful microorganisms. However, it’s essential to choose a product that is specifically designed for the genital area and free of harsh chemicals or fragrances. 

We’ll discuss more of that later.

4. Avoid irritants

Some products, such as scented tampons or pads, can irritate the genital area and contribute to itching. It would be beneficial to avoid these and go for safer varieties instead.

5. Use the right over-the-counter products

Several over-the-counter treatments can help soothe itchiness, such as hydrocortisone cream or antifungal treatments for yeast infections. Remember that it would be best to consult a doctor before trying these medications.

Stop Vaginal Itching with Mama’s Choice Refreshing Feminine Wash

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As a new mama, you’re already dealing with many changes in your body. And we know that the last thing you need is discomfort down there.

That’s where Mama’s Choice Refreshing Feminine Wash comes in!

Our unique combination of organic green tea, lotus, and prebiotics is specially formulated to promote healthy bacterial flora and prevent odour and irritation in your intimate area.

Plus, it has been dermatologically deemed safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas, so you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.

Not only is this feminine wash safe and effective, but it’s also convenient to use. All you need to do is add it to your daily hygiene routine to keep your intimate area fresh, clean, and free from itchiness.

Don’t just take our word for it! Our efficacy test showed that four out of five mamas experienced reduced vaginal discharge discomfort, itching, and bad odour after using the feminine wash regularly.

Say goodbye to vaginal discomfort and hello to a happier, healthier you with Mama’s Choice Refreshing Feminine Wash! 

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