5 Easy Baby Sunburn Remedies and Prevention

Bringing your baby outdoors is fun, but it can be upsetting when their delicate skin gets sunburnt. Is it possible for a baby’s burned skin to return to its natural colour? Yes! Here are five baby sunburn remedies to help restore your baby’s burnt skin.

Unfortunately, our babies are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of sun exposure. This is because their skin contains very little melanin, which provides natural protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, overexposure to UV light during childhood is a significant risk factor for developing skin cancer later in life.

Baby sunburn remedies

UV rays, like UV A, can penetrate deep into the layers of human skin and harm the underlying structures. Unfortunately, this can lead to premature ageing and wrinkles, mamas.

UV B, on the other hand, has a more immediate impact. This is known to cause sunburn and irritation.

Additionally, it can also trigger the development of skin cancer.

With this in mind, taking extra precautions when exposing babies to the sun is essential. This article will explore how to protect your little one from the sun’s harmful rays.

5 Baby Sunburn Remedies

baby sunburn remedies

If your little one’s skin is already burnt due to sunburn, don’t worry. Here are some easy sunburn remedies all mamas can try.

1. Keep the baby away from heat sources

If there are still burns, don’t take the baby out of the house yet, Mama. This prevents the area of ​​the baby’s peeling skin from worsening.

As much as possible, let your little one rest first so that their skin fully recovers.

2. Cold compress

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends applying cool compresses or running cool water over the burn for about five minutes. According to them, this method will help stop the burning process and reduce pain.

3. Apply lotion or moisturizer

During recovery, you can apply gel or cream explicitly designed for the baby’s sunburned skin. This will moisturize and nourish the baby’s skin.

However, take extra caution and ensure the product doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like artificial fragrances.

4. Give medicine

You can give sunburned skin medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen for severe burns that bother your little one. But consult your paediatrician first.

5. Protect the burn area

Ensure the baby’s burned skin area is always kept clean. Bathe with baby-safe soap and wear soft clothing. This will keep the baby comfortable during the recovery process.


5 Ways to Prevent Baby’s Skin from Burning

Baby sunburn remedies

Your baby’s sensitive skin makes them prone to burns. For that, every Mama can follow these tips to protect them:

1. Limit sun exposure

Avoid taking your baby outside when the sun is hot, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

2. Wear protective clothing

Ensure your baby is dressed in thin clothes so they don’t get hot. However, you also have to ensure that the clothes protect the baby’s body from the sun and absorb sweat.

3. Use baby hats and glasses

For extra protection, mamas can also use a hat and glasses for babies. This will ensure that their heads and eyes are not directly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Use an umbrella

If you must be outside during hot hours, we recommend using an umbrella to protect your baby. You can also use a stroller cover so the baby is not exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Use a sunscreen that is safe for babies


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The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends waiting until babies are six months old before introducing sunscreen.

Apply children’s sunscreen to all body areas before leaving your h. After two hours, reapply the sunscreen so that your little one’s skin continues to be protected.

But you can’t choose sunscreen carelessly, okay? Because any product that is applied to the baby’s skin must contain ingredients specifically formulated for babies, including sunscreen. 

Protect Your Little One’s Skin with the Best Products!

It’s sad to see a baby’s skin burnt. But we’re here to help you protect your baby’s skin with the best products, which all boils down to finding the right sunscreen.

It’s best to go for one made for toddlers, made from natural ingredients.

We also suggest mineral sunscreens because they work by coating and reflecting UV radiation, so they don’t penetrate the skin layers. Additionally, it immediately works after being applied. Best of all, it’s safe for the sensitive skin of babies, children and pregnant women.

Mama's Choice Baby Gentle Sunscreen

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Mama’s Choice Baby Gentle Sunscreen is one of the baby sunscreens that meets the ideal requirements above. Apart from containing a mineral sunscreen free of chemicals, it is also equipped with a broad spectrum SPF 30++ and these three natural ingredients.

  • Avocado – contains antioxidants to nourish the skin from free radicals.
  • Aloe vera – moisturizes and soothes the skin.
  • Coconut – effectively protects the skin from irritating effects and prevents sunburn from UV rays.

Mama’s Choice Baby Gentle Sunscreen has been proven to have 80 minutes of water resistance, so it still works and sticks to wet skin.

We are also happy to share that 9 of 10 babies experienced positive results after trying our products.

Mama's Choice Baby Skin Vitamin Lotion

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You may also use it with the Mama’s Choice Baby Skin Vitamin Lotion. We specifically designed this for baby’s sensitive skin without containing harmful ingredients.

Each pack of Skin Vitamin Lotion contains three active ingredients:

  • Avocado – protects the skin from free radicals while moisturizing the skin.
  • Olive – regenerates the skin and disguises mosquito bite marks.
  • Multivitamin – nourishes the skin with vitamins C, E, B3 and B5.

Like other Mama’s Choice products, the Baby Gentle Sunscreen and Skin Vitamin Lotion are safe for babies because they are free of harmful ingredients such as alcohol and have been dermatologically tested.

Now you can be at peace while watching your child doing activities outside the home! We hope this helps, Mama.

Mama's Choice Gentle Baby Sunscreen

Get a 21% Discount on Mama’s Choice Baby Gentle Sunscreen | $18.90 $14.90


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