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Baby Diaper Cream

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Protect your baby’s skin from heat rash, diaper rash, or milk rash with our natural rash cream that is safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

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Whether it’s a diaper rash or a heat rash, rashes can cause discomfort in your little one. Keep your baby’s skin free of rashes and protect it from skin irritations with Mama’s Choice Baby Diaer Cream!

It’s enriched with selected natural ingredients that are safe and effective in treating rashes, redness, and prickly heat in babies quickly. In addition, it also helps to nourish and moisturize the skin. With a lightweight texture that’s easily absorbed, it won’t leave a sticky feeling on your baby’s skin.

How to Use

Apply an adequate amount of cream on areas prone to rashes. Use it regularly as a preventive measure.


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