What’s The Best Stretch Mark Cream for Pregnancy?

Did you know that Mama’s Choice created one of the best stretch mark creams for pregnancy? 

One of the best ways to eliminate stretch marks is to undergo clinical procedures. However, as we all know, these are often inconvenient and expensive — especially if you’re a new Mama. 

For those who don’t have the time or money, there are also many home treatment alternatives, such as creams and serums. These products are designed to hydrate and moisturise the skin, eventually helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

While stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, there is nothing wrong with wanting to eliminate them with our specially formulated (not to mention award-winning) Stretch Mark Treatment Series – the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy!

What Makes Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Treatment Series Special?


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Mamas-to-be and postpartum mamas know how frustrating it can be to see your skin change drastically during pregnancy…and we are aware of that, too. That’s why we’ve spent time and research on creating a Stretch Mark Treatment Series that would work. 

Our treatment series includes the Stretch Mark Cream and the Stretch Mark Serum. These products are specially formulated to support mamas like you during this critical time of your life. 

Here’s everything you need to know about our stretch mark dynamic duo:

Stretch Mark Cream

Best Stretch Mark Cream for Pregnancy | Mama's Choice Stretch Mark Cream

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We created the Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream with natural ingredients that work together to moisturise the skin deeply. This effectively prevents and reduces the appearance of stretch marks as your body fluctuates during and after pregnancy. 

It contains aloe vera, Lipobelle Soyaglycone,  shea butter, olive oil, and jojoba oil – ingredients known to soothe and hydrate the skin naturally.

The cream has also been tested in Singapore laboratories by experts and certified hypoallergenic. This means that it’s safe for the sensitive skin of both pregnant and nursing mamas. 

Here are some quick reminders when it comes to using our stretch mark cream:

  1. Massage it onto your growing belly and other affected areas every morning and night. 
  2. Always massage in a circular motion to promote blood flow. 
  3. For optimal effects, begin applying the cream from the second trimester of pregnancy and continue until at least six months after pregnancy.

Stretch Mark Serum

Mama's Choice Stretch Mark Serum

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Our cream is best paired with the Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Serum. When used together, mamas can experience 2x optimal effectiveness in fading stretch marks.

We’ve made the serum from 92% natural oil active ingredients, such as mugwort, niacinamide, and alpha-bisabolol — which have been proven to lighten and moisturise the skin as they reduce stretch marks.

Like the cream, this has been clinically and dermatologically tested in Singapore to ensure it’s safe for mamas like you. We are happy to share that it’s hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, and paraben-free.

Here’s how you can easily use our Stretch Mark Serum:

  1. First, apply the serum on the part of the body that has stretch marks and black spots.
  2. Gently massage in a clockwise motion until the serum is fully absorbed.
  3. Then, follow it up with the Stretch Mark Cream
  4. Use twice a day after bathing or whenever needed.

Success Stories from Mamas

Other mamas love our Stretch Mark Treatment Series. It’s the leading product for this category on top online shopping platforms. 

We’ve conducted a survey and 85% of mamas agree that the cream effectively reduces the appearance of stretch marks, prevents them and reduces itching. On the other hand, 90% of mamas agree that the serum reduces stretch marks.

Photo credit: @peysvilla

One feedback from Shopee mentioned that they are already on their third purchase and have seen remarkable results since using it. 

According to cyreneteee, a verified Shopee customer, she likes that the cream “dries fast” and how her skin feels so moisturised after applying it.

For another customer who purchased the cream on Shopee, it was her first time buying from Mama’s Choice. However, she said that compared with other brands she has tried, “this brand’s stretch mark cream is light and non-greasy.”

Many also shared that they use the treatment series as a preventive measure for stretch marks, and their skin is still smooth even at the late stages of pregnancy.

Best of all, our customers have highlighted that the price is reasonable and highly recommended for first-time mamas.

If you’re ready to discover why everyone is raving about our stretch mark treatment series, then all you need to do is click this link.

Stretch Mark Treatment Series | Best Stretch Mark Cream for Pregnancy



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