Postpartum Corset: Helping You Heal and Banish Belly Bulge

Is a postpartum corset something you plan to include in your recovery process? Are you wondering if it’s safe to use after giving birth? How long should you wear it to be effective? Find all the answers in this article.

After you give birth, feeling like “yourself” again can be difficult. Some Mamas are excited to eat whatever they want, while others are finally happy to walk without waddling.

While each Mama’s postpartum recovery journey is different, most Mamas typically have one common goal—to regain their pre-pregnancy body. And many have found great support in their recovery in a humble yet reliable product called a postpartum corset. 

What is Postpartum Corset and its Benefits?

Postpartum corset | Postpartum body

The postpartum corset, a girdle or belly wrap, is worn after a vaginal delivery or a C-section. It mainly compresses your belly and reduces postpartum swelling. In addition, this garment supports the abdominal muscles, which usually separate because of the stretching uterus during pregnancy.

It also aids in binding the muscles, uterus, and other organs to help them return to pre-pregnancy size and position. If you have loose and floppy skin, it can also do the trick in shrinking.

Besides offering extra support in postpartum recovery, a postpartum corset helps to reduce back pain, improve posture, and more. 

It’s beneficial to those who suffer from diastasis recti. This condition occurs when the muscles on your left and right torso separate along the middle. In most cases, it’s the “pregnancy pooch.” While it typically resolves within two months, a postpartum corset speeds up the recovery.

Postpartum corset girdle benefits infographic

A study in 2019 found postpartum girdles or corsets to be effective in minimising the pain for those who endured a cesarean delivery because it takes the pressure off the incision on your stomach.

Even better, a study in 2017 also noted that a postpartum corset helped lessen the bleeding and discomfort among women who had C-sections.

Is It Safe To Use?

Postpartum corset | Postpartum body

Generally, postpartum corsets are safe to use immediately after childbirth. That is if you did not experience complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

But we at Mama’s Choice recommend that you consult your doctor or midwife before you start wearing one.

If your doctor has given you the signal to wear one, Medical News Today also recommends avoiding tight wraps that pressure the abdomen. According to the report, heavy compression can damage the pelvic floor, which can “lead to organ prolapse and urinary or faecal incontinence.”

How long can you wear them, you ask? Most experts suggest that you wear it for up to 12 hours each day or as long as it’s comfortable.

Remember, postpartum corsets are not designed to change your silhouette or shape. As such, wearing it too tightly or for too long could only cause further discomfort rather than aid in your recovery.

What To Look For In a Postpartum Girdle

Postpartum-corset-influencer-review@gizellegail wears Mama’s Choice Postpartum Adjustable Corset

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If you’re on the lookout for a postpartum corset in Singapore, there are a few things to consider:

  • Comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Construction
  • Price

When choosing a postpartum corset, be wary of the materials used. Go for soft, stretchy, and breathable fabrics as much as possible. A corset or girdle that’s easy to use and adjust is also great because you can choose the comfortable compression.

One such product is Mama’s Choice Postpartum Adjustable Corset, which has a velcro closure to wear and remove easily. In addition, our postpartum corset, which comes in nude and black, is suitable for every Mama.

So whether or not you had a normal or cesarean delivery, you can comfortably and confidently use our postpartum corset.

Eager to give our postpartum corset a try? Read about what mamas loved about it below!


Get a 2o% Discount on Mama’s Choice Postpartum Adjustable Corset  | $19.90 $15.90

No matter what colour or design you go for, remember that it’s not necessary to splurge. Quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. Besides, a corset is just one of the many things you’ll soon need for yourself and your little one. 🙂

Have a safe postpartum recovery journey, Mamas!

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Get a 2o% Discount on Mama’s Choice Postpartum Adjustable Corset  | $19.90 $15.90

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