Non Toxic Baby Products: 10 Harmful Chemicals That You Should Avoid

Whether it’s a toy or a bath product, make sure you get non toxic baby products so you can protect your baby from possible harm. We’ve singled out some of the common ingredients and chemicals that you should avoid!

Pampering our little ones is second nature to being a mama. As such, it’s no surprise that we ensure our babies enjoy the best toys, have the best clothes, and are treated to the best skin care products.

While a toy is often scrutinized by how educational it is and clothes for how attractive they are, baby skincare products are inspected at a much more detailed level. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t be wary of the toys, clothes, or even utensils found in the market.

That’s why in this article, we’ll help you understand the different ingredients hiding in plain sight that little do you know, may be potentially harmful to your baby.


What You Should Not Find in Non Toxic Baby Products

1. Sulfates


Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES) are types of sulfates. They are called surfactants because they are used to make a product foam. At the same time, sulfates are great for removing dirt and oil, which is why they’re found in many bath and cleaning products.

But despite these upsides, sulfates are irritants. According to a medical study, it can cause eye, skin, and respiratory irritation. And if your little one has sensitive skin, it can be particularly harsh as well.


2. Phthalates

Known as plasticizers, phthalates are chemicals that are used to make plastics more durable. According to the CDC, phthalates can be found in products such as lubricating oils and personal care products like soaps and shampoos. 

It can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system. Even prenatal exposure to these chemicals can impact a baby’s “neurodevelopment, including lower IQ, and problems with attention and hyperactivity, and poorer social communication,” Health Care Without Harm explains.


3. Synthetic fragrances

Many chemicals in fragrances come from petrochemicals (this means it’s derived from petroleum)  that can be harmful to human health. Besides being unsustainable and having a negative environmental impact, petrochemicalswhich may be absorbed through the skincan accumulate in tissues and organs. In the long run, it can cause brain, nerve, and liver damage, and even cancer and asthma.

It’s one of the reasons you should avoid exposing your baby–especially if they are newborns–to synthetic fragrances. The Children’s Environmental Health Network highlighted that some fragrance compounds are linked with reproductive birth defects too. If you have an allergic and asthmatic child, they may have allergic or hypersensitivity reactions.


4. BPA


You often find the label “BPA-free” in plastic baby products like bottles, sippy cups, utensils, and even toys. But do you know why it can be bad for babies? This chemical, which is used in producing a type of hard plastic called polycarbonate, can leak into food and water–even more so if it’s heated! 

Several studies have shown that BPA disrupts the hormone, causes nerve and behavioral disorders, reproductive health concerns, and even diabetes. With that, always go for BPA-free products and be wary of plastics that have the number “7” at the bottom. Such products usually contain BPA.


5. Talc

Most mamas have probably considered a baby powder to be an absolute must-have for newborns. But the truth is, the American Association of Pediatrics is actually against the use of baby powder since 1969. Besides having “no medically necessary use” for baby powder, talc can cause acute or chronic respiratory problems when inhaled.


6. Parabens


Parabens are chemicals used as a preservative. They’re found in many personal care products because they’re affordable and effective. However, finding them in your baby’s products is a cause for concern because parabens are known to interfere with fetus development and even development during the first year of life.

It’s also especially crucial to avoid using products with parabens on newborns because their skin is still thin, making skin absorption of parabens highly plausible.


7. Alcohol

Babies, especially newborns, have delicate skin that can be prone to allergies and irritations. That’s why you should avoid skincare products that contain alcohol, as this can be extremely drying and cause irritations.



Isn’t it annoying to see your little one with insect bites all over? While you may want to run over to the nearest drugstore and grab the first bug spray you find, consider the ones that do not contain DEET. 

According to the Healthy Children Organization of the American Academy of Pediatrics, DEET is not recommended for babies below 2 months. Moreover, some studies revealed long-term use of DEET-based repellents can trigger allergic reactions, cause seizures in some cases, and can increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

DEET may be effective, but there are far safer options like natural repellents with ingredients such as citronella, peppermint, and more.

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9. Formaldehyde

How does formaldehyde find its way in baby products? Well, it’s because this chemical extends the life of products and minimizes bacterial growth. Keep a lookout for this ingredient because exposure to formaldehyde may cause scratchy or watery eyes, irritated throat and skin, and runny nose. And even worse, it’s also carcinogenic if exposure is long-term.


10. Triclosan


In baby products, triclosan can be found in antibacterial soaps, disinfectants, and even toys and clothes. Although it is effective at eliminating microorganisms like bacteria, it’s linked to hormone disruption. Studies suggest that triclosan “may increase a child’s risk of allergy.” 


Go For Non Toxic Baby Products in Mama’s Choice

As mamas, the health and safety of our children are important to us. That’s why as much as possible, we want to keep them in our arms for as long as possible, right? It’s this thought that drove us at Mama’s Choice to create a range of baby care products that are as safe as Mama’s hugs.


Each product in our Baby Series range is free of toxic chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients that can harm your little one’s development. Besides keeping harmful ingredients away from our formulation, we’ve brought in experts to ensure our baby products are truly safe–safe like Mama’s hugs!

At the heart of our Mama’s Choice Baby Series are five products that are lab-tested in Singapore, hypoallergenic, and certified Halal. Get to know these non toxic baby products a little more below:

Mama’s Choice Baby Calming Tummy Oil


It’s normal for babies to cry. After all, crying is their way of communicating. But if the baby cries for no apparent reason for hours at a certain time and occurs several days in a row, it could be colic!

Colic can be very heart-wrenching and energy-draining for parents. To help mamas with this, Mama’s Choice created the Baby Calming Tummy Oil to help soothe the little one.

This tummy oil’s anti-colic formula helps overcome digestive disorders in babies, soothe flatulence and improve the quality of your little one’s sleep. Our product is enriched with three natural ingredients, namely nutmeg seed oil, lavender, and chamomile, which are 100% safe, natural, and do not cause skin irritation.

Its fresh and soft fragrance can surely help babies relax.  Just give a gentle massage on the baby’s tummy using Mama’s Choice Baby Calming Tummy Oil after bathing or before going to bed, and see the change in the quality of your little one’s and Mama’s sleep! 

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Mama’s Choice Baby Diaper Cream


Rashes are one of the common skin problems in babies. There are several things that trigger a rash on the baby’s skin. For example, friction with diapers or poor hygiene in the groin area. Another culprit could be the chemicals in bath soap or detergent to wash your little one’s clothes.

To help mamas deal with the inevitable rashes, we created Mama’s Choice Baby Diaper Cream. With a fast-acting formula to help relieve redness and irritation, it can help heal rashes in just 3 applications.

Our secret? It’s in the 8 ingredients from nature that are found in every tube of our diaper cream. One of which is Centella Asiatica, a widely used and well-known ingredient in skincare products.

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Mama’s Choice Baby Moisturizing Hand Gel


As we continue to live through a pandemic, a hand sanitizer is a must for everybody. But as babies need a gentle yet tough formula that’s 100% safe, Mama’s Choice specially created the Baby Moisturizing Hand Gel

Our innovative hand gel does not contain alcohol and triclosan but remains effective in killing bacteria. How? We harness the power of benzalkonium chloride, which is just as effective in helping combat bacteria. 

Another advantage of Mama’s Choice Moisturizing Hand Gel is that it does not contain artificial fragrance because it uses lemon oil as a refreshing natural fragrance. In addition, this hand gel contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera and Centella Asiatica which keep the skin soft and moisturized!

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Mama’s Choice Hair and Body Wash


That newborn smell is so precious to mamas, isn’t it? With Mama’s Choice Baby Hair and Body Wash, we ensure that your little one is clean from head to toe. We’ve formulated it without all the harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates, ensuring mamas can use it worry-free. 

Our formula is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and sugar maple extract. Together, they clean, nourish, protect, and moisturize the skin. But do you know what makes this Hair and Body Wash truly special? It lends a relaxing effect thanks to the lavender in our formulation.

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Mama’s Choice Baby Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion


Babies are like magnets for mosquitoes. That’s why we made sure babies are safe from pesky mosquito bites with Mama’s Choice Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion.

With natural ingredients lavender and citronella, this lotion repels mosquitoes while being safe for babies and children. Our lotion has also been clinically proven to be able to keep naughty mosquitoes away for 8 hours. This includes mosquitoes that cause Dengue Fever, Malaria, and Elephantiasis.

Mamas can apply this with confidence because it’s 100% free of harmful ingredients such as DEET, parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, and perfumes that can irritate the skin.

Knowing that you have chosen the best for your baby is the most comforting feeling in the world. Let Mama’s Choice Baby Calming Series provide your little one with care and protection that’s #AsSafeAsMamasHugs!

Mama's Choice Baby Calming Series

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