Why Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Is Safer for Kids

As we all grapple with the pandemic, do you ever wonder if you’re making the right decision in using your family’s usual hand sanitiser on your babies and toddlers? Find out why you should switch to an alcohol-free hand sanitiser!

Nowadays, you won’t find someone walking around without a small sanitiser bottle in their pocket or bag. With bacteria and viruses lurking on surfaces and the air, it’s a sanitiser (and mask, of course) that can protect you from viruses and help prevent the further spread of germs.

Putting a dollop of hand sanitiser in your palm is no cause for concern for adults. But for parents, it’s a little bit different. Besides the worry of viruses on your little one’s hands, there’s another question: is the hand sanitiser you’re using safe for babies?


The Dangers of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser for Babies


Alcohol is a type of antiseptic that is known for its ability to kill germs. While it’s effective and generally safe, it’s not advisable to be used on babies or toddlers. Why? The American Academy of Pediatrics underscores that “swallowing just a tiny amount of hand sanitiser can cause poisoning in children.”

But what if you supervise the use of said hand sanitisers? Well, it’s also not a good idea, mama. According to Patricia Garcia, M.D., a Connecticut Children’s Medical Center paediatrician, “Even putting their hands in their mouths after using a hand sanitiser could give them alcohol poisoning if their hards are still a little bit wet from the sanitiser.”

These can all pose dangers to your kids, whether it’s ethanol, ethyl alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol poisoning, which comes with sleepiness, low blood sugar, seizures, and coma, can be fatal.

While you can prevent alcohol poisoning by waiting for your kids’ hands to dry, the alcohol content in hand sanitisers can also irritate children’s sensitive skin. Moreover, it can also be drying to the skin when used frequently.


A Safer Choice: Mama’s Choice Baby Moisturizing Hand Gel

Mama's-Choice-Baby-Moisturizing-Hand-Gel | Alcohol Free Hand SanitizerGet a 25% Discount on Mama’s Choice Baby Moisturizing Hand Gel | $7.90 $5.90

With the danger that alcohol-based hand sanitisers pose for your little one, it’s great to know that there’s a much safer and better alternative for mamas: Mama’s Choice Baby Moisturizing Hand Gel.

Arriving in a travel-friendly size that would effortlessly fit your purse, this hand gel is perfect for keeping your baby’s hands germ-free!

Specially designed for babies and toddlers, this alcohol-free hand sanitiser sets itself apart for the following reasons:

1. Does not contain alcohol

Instead of alcohol, this baby hand gel uses Benzalkonium Chloride, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. This active ingredient is especially beneficial for children as it has lower overall toxicity than alcohol and does not sting upon application.

2. Moisturising

While hand sanitisers are typically known for causing dryness, our baby hand gel contains Aloe Vera, which helps moisturise the skin. We’ve also infused Centella Asiatica to protect your baby’s skin from irritation.

3. No strong, harsh scent

To keep it baby-friendly, we’ve enriched our formulation with Lemon Oil to give our hand gel a naturally refreshing scent that’s not overpowering for your tiny tot’s nose. This natural ingredient lends our product’s natural fragrance- yes, there is no artificial fragrance here!

4. Designed and lab-tested in Singapore

We know how much mamas worry about the safety and effectiveness of the products they use for their babies. That’s why we’ve ensured that this product is tested in Singapore laboratories! So you can ease any worries and use this hand gel with confidence!


Using Mama’s Choice Baby Moisturizing Hand Gel is easy, too. First, mamas, pour a drop or two of the hand gel into your baby’s palm – like how Mama Lyn is doing it in the video! Then, rub it all over your baby’s hands until it dries. Make sure your little one’s hands are dry before you let them touch food. 

Are you ready to give this alcohol-free hand sanitiser a try? Click the banner below to get 25% OFF!

Mama's Choice Moisturizing Hand Gel

Get a 25% Discount on Mama’s Choice Baby Moisturizing Hand Gel | $7.90 $5.90

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