Can I Use Olive Oil on Baby’s Skin? Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should!

Can I use olive oil on baby’s skin? Read on to find out if you can use olive oil on your baby’s skin!

According to WebMD, olive oil comes from olives rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Olive oil is also made from natural ingredients and is free of harmful substances for babies.

Because of this, olive oil has many benefits for a baby’s skin. Here are six of them that would be beneficial for mamas like you.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Baby Skin

Olive oil for baby's skin

1. Moisturises the  skin

Because it is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, olive oil can help moisturise a baby’s skin. In addition, you can massage your little one’s body after bathing with olive oil to help keep the skin moisturised.

2. Treats dry skin

Weather changes can make a baby’s skin dry quickly. Therefore, you can use olive oil to treat dry skin.

It can also be used as a preventive measure for dry skin. The hydrating effect produced by olive oil can keep your little one’s skin smooth

3. Overcomes diaper rash

One of the most common skin problems in babies is diaper rash. But, with the power of olive oil, Mamas need not worry. Mix two spoons of olive oil with one spoon of water and apply it with a diaper rash on the baby’s skin. Alternatively, use Mama’s Choice Baby Diaper Cream to banish that pesky rash on your baby’s bum! 

4. Effectively treats cradle cap

A cradle cap occurs due to dry and flaky skin on a baby’s scalp. Well, this olive oil can be used to treat dry scalp.

Apart from that, olive oil can also help soften and strengthen your little one’s hair.

Another way to treat the cradle cap would be to use our Hair Vitamin Lotion, which contains an innovative blend of natural ingredients that moisturises, soothes, and protects your baby’s scalp.

5. Overcomes skin problems

Baby’s skin is still fragile, sensitive, and prone to various issues. Mama can use olive oil to soothe the baby’s troubled skin.

6. Cleanses baby skin

Mama, olive oil can also help remove dirt from a baby’s skin. It is especially effective against the dirt in the folds, such as the ears, nose and navel.

You must dip a cotton bud in olive oil and gently apply it to the folded part.

Essential Things to Do Before Applying Olive oil to Your Baby’s Skin

olive oil on baby's skin

Even though it has many benefits for your baby’s skin, you must still be careful before using olive oil for your little one. There is an off chance that your little one’s skin is incompatible with olive oil, which can cause allergies.

Like anything else used on your baby, it’s a good idea to do an allergy test first on your little one’s skin. Rub a little on one part of your little one’s body. Then, wait and see if signs of allergies appear on the baby’s skin.

If the baby’s skin doesn’t show signs of allergies, olive oil is safe for their skin. This means you use olive oil on your little one without worrying anymore.

Try Mama’s Choice Baby Skin Vitamin Lotion with Olive Oil!

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Pure olive oil can be pretty tricky to find. Not to mention that it is also expensive. A good alternative is a baby lotion infused with olive oil, like our Baby Skin Vitamin Lotion!

Besides containing olive oil which can regenerate the skin and disguise mosquito bite marks, this lotion is also enriched with avocado and multivitamins, nourishing the baby’s skin. This means that it can protect a baby’s skin from pollution and its adverse effects on the skin.

Furthermore, it is also made from natural ingredients, alcohol-free, paraben-free, and mineral oil-free — making it safe for sensitive baby skin.

After bathing, it can be safely used on your little one’s hands, feet and body. You can also do small massages to have a relaxing effect on your little one’s body.

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