Best Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin: 3 Things To Look Out For

A lot of things need to be considered as you prepare for the birth of your little one. This includes finding the best baby lotion for them. Here are the things that you need to consider when choosing the best baby lotion for sensitive skin.

Babies naturally have more sensitive skin compared to older children and adults. This is why it can sometimes be hard for mamas to identify if their little one has a sensitive reaction to certain things. 

The first step in finding the right skincare products for your baby is identifying if they have sensitive skin. For instance, if they have rashes or dry skin after contact with an item, it may signify that you are dealing with sensitive skin.

On top of this, you must also understand the conditions that can trigger side effects on sensitive baby skin. For example, some babies with sensitive skin can experience dry skin after exposure to various substances. 

Such as when a reaction appears after bathing using soap, clothes, lotions, or scented products. 



How to Choose the Best Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin

There are many benefits to using baby lotion on your little one’s skin. However, if your baby has sensitive skin, applying the wrong product may do more harm than good.

Here are the things that you need to consider before buying baby lotion for sensitive skin:

1. Avoid ingredients that have the potential to irritate the skin

According to Marisa Garshick, MD, a dermatologist at Medical Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgency New York, you should avoid lotions that contain parabens and sulfates. In addition, make sure the lotion product does not have alcohol because it can dry a baby’s skin.

2. Choose a body lotion with a high percentage of water content.


According to Brendan Camp, another dermatologist from Medical Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgency, it is best to choose a baby lotion with a high percentage of water. Lotions with a high water content are the thinnest and lightest type of moisturiser, making it easier to be absorbed into sensitive baby skin.

3. Use lotion with oil content

If your little one’s skin is dry due to sensitivity, you can choose a lotion that contains more oil. It has been proven that creams with high oil content are more effective in improving dry skin conditions.

A Safe and Natural Baby Lotion for Baby’s Sensitive Skin


We have good news for you if you are still looking for the best baby lotion for your baby’s sensitive skin. We have formulated the Baby Skin Vitamin Lotion with you and your baby in mind. 

This lotion product uses natural ingredients from avocado oil and olive oil, which can hydrate, protect, regenerate, and even disguise scars on a baby’s skin.

Just like other products, this has been clinically tested – so it is safe for babies sensitive skin. Additionally, this product is free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, and other fragrances.

Not only that, but this lotion also plays a vital role in protecting your little one’s sensitive skin from air pollution and free radicals and eliminates mosquito bites on your little one’s skin. 

This lotion will provide long-term protection for your little one’s sensitive skin with regular use. A good deal, right?

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