5 Common Baby Rashes and How to Treat Them

A mama will most likely deal with rashes as her baby grows. Since babies have sensitive skin, they are more susceptible to friction and foreign substances. This is why it is essential to identify the common types of baby rashes and know precisely how to treat each one. 

Unfortunately, many things can trigger a rash on your baby’s skin. The most common one is friction from diapers. 

Other causes of rashes are poor hygiene, bath soap and detergent chemicals, insect bites, heat, and many more.

All of these trigger a specific type of rash, and the treatment for each also varies. 

5 Common Baby Rashes

1. Diaper Rash


A red, irritated skin patch in areas that come in contact with diapers indicates a rash.  

The early stages of diaper rash typically appear as a faint redness or red dots. However, severe cases can also occur as lumps. 

If left untreated,  a diaper rash can spread to the rest of the body,  where a yellowish liquid or crust may appear.

Diaper rash usually develops because of diaper friction, but there are many other causes. Some of these are bacteria and harsh chemicals. 

Finding a diaper that fits your baby right is the key to avoiding this. Furthermore, keeping the diaper area clean and dry would be best.

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2. Eczema


Generally, eczema in infants and children is atopic eczema. Various conditions, such as sensitive skin or allergies, weather conditions, food, and insect bites, can trigger this problem.

Some symptoms are itchy, dry or cracked, supple, watery skin. In some cases, you will also notice that there is also thickening and redness.

This common baby rash often appears on the elbows, arms, or areas of skin folds such as the back of the knees. However, this rash can actually occur anywhere.

To prevent eczema, avoiding soap and other products with irritating chemicals is best. 

3. Hives


Urticaria or hives are rashes in babies that appear due to a baby’s skin allergy to certain substances, such as food, medicines, mosquito bites, mites, bee stings, or extreme temperatures.

You can tell that your baby is enduring hives when you see the appearance of skin swelling with white centres. In addition, the area will feel hot and stingy.

Luckily, hives can heal within a few days after the baby is spared from triggering allergies. 

4. Prickly Heat


The climate of tropical countries causes babies to experience hot, humid weather. When this weather is paired with baby clothes that are often covered, it can generate prickly heat.

Symptoms include itchy red spots and mild head, neck, arms, shoulders or leg swelling. If this happens to your baby, it is best to condition the baby in a vast room, bathe them, and let them wear clothing that offers enough ventilation.

5. Baby Acne


Baby acne is different from adult acne. Medical professionals call this neonatal acne. And it appears as a reddened skin surface with a few small red or white bumps.

Unfortunately, it occurs in about 20% of newborns. According to research, the most likely cause of baby acne is a fungus, not due to clogged oil or sebum glands.

Luckily, baby acne is common and can go away within a few months.

How to Deal with Common Baby Rashes 


Babies usually have rashes, so don’t worry too much, Mama. However, if you have a hard time identifying the type of rashes that they have – yet, here are some general tips that you can try:

  • First, take care of the skin by keeping it dry and clean.
  • Then, avoid rash-triggering allergens: food, chemical cleaning products, friction, heat, insect bites, and humidity.
  • Use a safe and natural rash cream like Mama’s Choice Baby Rash Cream on the buttocks and genitals every time they clean their diapers, so they heal quickly.

Gentle and Effective Cream for All Types of Baby Rash

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It is also as safe as a Mama’s hug since it has been clinically tested to treat rashes in just three uses. This means that you can apply this on the genital area, as well as the rest of your baby’s face and body. 

It also contains natural herbal ingredients. One is Centella Asiatica, which has been widely used as the best skin care product for many years.

Mamas in Singapore are also raving about the wonderful effects of this diaper rash cream!

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The gentle and non-irritating ingredients are also easily absorbed into the skin. The Mama’s Choice Baby Rash Cream is simply the perfect choice for mamas who want to treat their baby’s rashes immediately. 

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