7 Ways to Naturally Deal with Baby Skin Peeling

Being a new mama comes with many surprises…unfortunately, not all of them are positive. You may eventually find your baby’s skin peeling off. In this article, we will explore natural ways to deal with this situation. 

After nine months inside the womb, your baby’s skin needs time to adjust to the outside environment. During the first few weeks, dairy skin may become dry and peel easily.

On top of this, your baby also has a thick layer of wax known as vernix caseosa. This is present to protect your baby’s skin from amniotic fluid.

The shedding of a baby’s skin can vary depending on the gestational age of the baby when it was born. 

According to studies, babies born prematurely (before 40 weeks) tend to experience less skin peeling compared to those carried full-term. 

baby skin peeling

This is because babies who completed 40 weeks have less vernix at birth. Thus,  their skin is more exposed to the amniotic fluid, leading to skin peeling.

Aside from that, there are also skin issues that contribute to skin peeling. This includes psoriasis, ichthyosis, atopic dermatitis, eczema and others.

How to Overcome Baby’s Peeling Skin

While it is normal for your baby’s skin to peel for several weeks after birth, there is no harm in making this phase faster and more comfortable for both of you.

1. Reducing exposure to cold air

Cold air can make your little one’s skin dry because it causes cracks. This will eventually lead to peeling.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to control the room’s temperature. However, if that is not possible, you can also give your baby warm blankets or clothes whenever it gets chilly. 

2. Limit baby bath time

Bathtime is not exactly a pleasant experience for babies. Aside from being scary or irritating, it can also negatively impact their skin.

For instance, if you leave your baby in contact with the water for too long, their skin can lose its natural oils. This makes their skin more prone to peeling.

With this, it is essential to limit back time to a maximum of 10 minutes.

Additionally, it is also essential to avoid using harsh soaps. The best alternative is gentle cleaners that are specifically made for babies.

3. Use warm water when bathing

Baby Bathing

Aside from monitoring the length of your bathtime, it is also best to ensure that you use lukewarm water to warm it whenever you do so.

Aside from being irritating, water that is too cold or hot can also damage your baby’s skin.

4. Keep baby hydrated

Since dry skin is one of the leading causes of peeling, ensuring your baby is always hydrated is essential. Mamas can provide enough breast milk or formula to hydrate the baby until they are ready to drink water at six months.

5. Choose the right clothes

Your baby’s clothes are always in contact with their skin, so it is essential to find the garments. We suggest that you prepare soft and loose material for your little one.

This is because tight clothing with rough materials can irritate your baby’s skin and eventually cause feeling due to pressure.

6. Moisturize the baby’s skin


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When it comes to our babies, using fewer products is always better. However, you should include a moisturizer in your baby’s skincare routine to deal with peeling. 

Of course, choosing one suitable for their sensitive skin is essential. When in doubt, go for one made with natural ingredients and certified by dermatologists as hypoallergenic.

7. Avoid chemicals

Since newborn baby skin is susceptible, Mamas must be very careful about the products they apply to their little ones.

While it may be tempting to go for the most affordable or popular products, we suggest that you focus on the ingredients of the items instead.

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