Maternity Clothes Singapore Guide: 10 Tips for a Stylish Pregnancy

Watching your bump expand every week is one of the most exciting changes that always leaves you in awe when you’re pregnant. This article shares tips on which maternity clothes to shop for and how to dress your baby bump!

Pregnancy brings the joy of a new life into the world. Still, it’s as much about your journey as a Mama, too! If you’re a first-time Mama, you might wonder how to cope with the many changes happening to your life, including the challenge of embracing maternity clothes

Pregnancy can be quite a challenge, from not knowing where to shop maternity clothes in Singapore to being scared of departing your usual stylish self. And it’s especially true for first-time Mamas. So how do you embark on this new fashion challenge for Mamas? We’ve rounded up some essential maternity wear style tips to help you ace your pregnancy style with chic maternity dresses.

1. Invest In Maternity Clothes That Can Grow With You

Maternity clothes | Maternity wear | Clothes that can grow with you

You’ll only be pregnant for less than a year. So when you shop for maternity wear in Singapore, try to go for pieces you can use throughout your pregnancy or beyond. Many pregnancy clothes are versatile enough to be used postpartum, like our Mama’s Choice Breathable Peplum top, which features nursing access.


2. Stock Up On The Basics

Maternity wear must-have: leggings

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When you’re trying to build your maternity wear wardrobe, the essential clothing items to purchase are the basics. These include a reliable pair of maternity leggings, tops, and easy-to-wear dresses. With these in your closet, you can easily pair them with your pre-pregnancy clothes and create stylish clothing that can last well until you pop.

For instance, you can stylishly wear our Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings with an oversized top or a tunic. Even better, it’s easy to dress up or down!


3. Pair Loose Tops with Tight Pants or Leggings

Maternity clothes | Maternity wear | Loose and comfortable tops

Feeling hot is one of the many symptoms of pregnancy, so we recommend shopping for maternity clothes that are loose and flowing and arrive in breathable fabrics like our Mama’s Choice Low Turtleneck top. While open tops are a tried-and-tested maternity staple, avoid pairing them with loose pants. Did you know that it makes you look bigger than you are? Instead, slip into a  pair of leggings or tight-fitting jeans.


4. Accentuate Your Bump

Maternity dress with tie waist

Every once in a while, change up your pregnancy style! The easiest way to do this is to highlight your beautiful baby bump with a belt worn over a dress. You can also shop maternity clothes in Singapore with a tie waist like our Mama’s Choice Long Flounce Dress. Such designs are also great go-to options if you need to glam up for an event.


5. Go For Versatile Button-down Tops  

maternity clothes in singapore | maternity wear in singapore

Button-down tops like our Mama’s Choice Maternity Casual Hem are incredibly versatile. Mamas can quickly wear it throughout each pregnancy trimester. When your belly isn’t showing yet, you can wear it buttoned up. Once you start showing, leave it unbuttoned over a tank top to serve as cute outerwear. Get the most use from it by choosing neutral colours too. This way, pairing it with other colours won’t be a chore!

6. Buy Loose and Airy Dresses

Mama's Choice Maternity Casual Button Dress

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You can’t go wrong with a loose dress like Mama’s Choice Maternity Casual Button Dress! With two roomy pockets and multiple colours, it’s the perfect dress for all your errands.

More tips for effortless maternity clothes style:

7. Browse your closet for clothing items you can still wear during pregnancy, such as maxi dresses, skirts with elastic waists, and oversized tops.

8. Don’t forget to shop for comfortable shoes, too.

9. Stretchy dresses and tank tops are lifesavers.

10. For non-maternity clothes, go up a size or two.

11. Most importantly, wear clothes that make you feel good!


Get Your Stylish Maternity Clothes in Singapore at Mama’s Choice

With these simple maternity-style tips and tricks, there’s no stopping you from looking your absolute best during pregnancy! Let Mama’s Choice Maternity Wear Collection, designed to accompany you from pregnancy to breastfeeding, discover the many ways you can stay effortlessly stylish and comfortable no matter how far along you are!

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