Best Maternity Leggings: How To Pick The Perfect Pair

When it comes to finding the best maternity leggings, there are a few things to consider. Keep reading, Mama!

When you’re pregnant, finding clothes that fit your changing body can be difficult. But if there’s one piece of clothing that promises to stand the test of trimesters, it’s a pair of maternity leggings.

An essential part of every Mama’s wardrobe, its versatility is unmatched and is one of the reasons pregnant Mamas prefer this over anything else. Whether it’s to the store or the doctor, a perfect pair of leggings can take you anywhere.

If you’re wondering if you can wear your regular pair of leggings, the answer is usually yes. As long as you size up, that is.

However, it’s still best to invest in quality maternity leggings because they offer a few advantages that you don’t often find in your regular leggings.

What are the advantages of maternity leggings?

  • They are sure to be comfortable.
  • They are guaranteed flexibility.
  • They provide support for your belly.

With all these benefits for Mamas, maternity leggings do make for an excellent investment for Mamas. The problem, though, is that it can be challenging to pick the perfect pair.

So how do you rummage through the piles of options and come out with the perfect maternity leggings for you? Well, lucky for you, Mama, we’re here to guide you through picking the perfect pair!


How To Choose The Best Maternity Leggings

When it comes to choosing the best maternity leggings for you, it’s not always about the cost. Since most Mamas wear leggings throughout their pregnancy, you’ll need to find a pair with specific features like the following!

How to choose the best maternity leggings

1. Waistband

Most maternity leggings come with two types of waistbands–over the bump and under the bump. With over-the-bump leggings, it offers fuller coverage of your baby bump. Plus, it won’t dig into your tummy and leave a mark that is often uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, you can also opt for under-the-belly varieties if you don’t like covering your baby bump. You can also go for maternity leggings with adjustable waistbands like Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings, allowing you to get more mileage out of them. 

2. Belly panel or support

What’s excellent about maternity leggings (which you won’t find in regular leggings) is that nearly all of them have a special belly panel or support to ensure your growing belly is safe and secured.

3. Good coverage

Coverage is also essential when choosing the best maternity leggings. While thicker leggings promise full coverage, these may be too hot for you. Instead, go for pairs that aren’t too thick that you feel uncomfortable and not too thin that it’s practically see-through.

4. Quality material

Comfort is of utmost importance when you’re pregnant. Cotton tends to be the most comfortable option for Mamas, but they tend to get worn out or stretched easily. So most of the time, leggings that combine cotton with durable fabrics like polyester, lycra, and nylon are the best.

5. Length

Do you want full-length leggings, or do you prefer a capri length? Both lengths are great for many occasions. That’s why it’s also a good idea to have both sizes handy. Do you prefer full-length leggings but are scared that they might be too hot and stuffy? Try to find leggings made from breathable quality materials – just like our Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings, which is perfect for the Singapore weather!

6. Colours

Black is the default colour, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. These days, it’s easy to find maternity leggings in various colours, so you can easily find a pair that goes with your personality and style. That said, the best colours to have would be the ones that you can maximise, such as black, grey, and dark blue.


Consider This: Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings

What to look for in a maternity leggings

You don’t need to look further if you’re on the hunt for the best pair in Singapore. Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings is designed to meet most Mamas’ needs–a pair that’s comfortable, durable, and versatile!

Our maternity leggings come with a specially designed waistband that not only supports your belly to reduce back pain but also has an adjustable band to tailor the fit to your preference. If you’re curious how our adjustable waistband works, check out the guide below!


Soft and breathable while providing just the right coverage, it’s the perfect everyday leggings, especially with Singapore’s warm weather. Even our Mamas on Shopee seem to agree with how comfortable and versatile Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings are! Plus, it also comes in various colours so you can still have the chance to play around with your wardrobe.


Best maternity leggings review

Here are some style ideas that you can pull off with our leggings:

  • Pair it with your nursing tank and wear a cardigan over it
  • Slip into a long and loose top for an effortless look
  • Wear a breezy mini dress over it for dressier outings
  • Match it with your oversized sweater 
  • Wear it with your yoga top for active days

Click here for more maternity style tips!

As you can see, no matter the activity you have for the day, Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings will surely keep you comfortably stylish all day long. Without breaking the bank, too! 

Mama's Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings | Best Maternity Leggings Singapore

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