How to Prevent Breast Milk From Leaking: 5 Easy Tips For Mamas

Breastfeeding is a beautiful process. But leaking breast milk isn’t. If you constantly get soaked with your own milk, this article about how to prevent breast milk from leaking is for you.

Do you ever felt embarrassed when breast milk drips or sprays out of your breasts? Trust us when we say that you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s common for new mamas to experience this during and after pregnancy. 

Since this is usually a non-threatening condition, you will rarely be required to take medication. But, you will be encouraged to follow specific steps to deal with it. That’s precisely what we will teach you today.

But before that…

What causes leaking breast milk?

Your body needs time to get used to breastfeeding. Leaking breast milk is often a sign that you are still adjusting to your baby’s feeding schedule. 

Eventually, you and your baby will be in sync. But until then, you will have to deal with randomly wetting your bras and shirt.


How can I prevent my breast milk from leaking?

Here are some ways to help you deal with leaking breast milk:

1. Breastfeed Often

One of the best ways to stop your breast milk from leaking is to ask for help from your baby. By letting them latch, they are reducing the milk in your breasts. 

Aside from this, it will also help improve the connection between you and your baby. With this, you will be able to adapt and produce milk when it’s time for your next feeding session.

2. Use Breast Pumps


Of course, getting a good latch isn’t always possible. The good thing is that you can make use of trusted breast pumps. 

This will help reduce the build-up of milk in your breasts and leakage. Once done, you can freeze and store your milk for future consumption. 

3. Gently Pinch Your Nipples

We recommend that you do this only in emergency cases. Once you feel a tingling sensation called the let-down reflex, lightly apply pressure to your nipples. 

This will help stop the flow of the milk and prevent mess. Just remember to feed your baby or use your breast pump as soon as possible.

4. Wear Clothes Strategically

In the meantime, loose and thick clothing is your new fashion go-to’s. Aside from being comfortable for new mamas like you, it will also help conceal breast milk leakage.

On top of that, you should always be ready with a cover-up. A nice hoodie, cardigan, vest, or anything similar is something that you can easily throw on to hide stains whenever you are outside. 

5. Wear Breast Pads


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One of the easiest ways to manage breast milk leakage is to use breast pads. These are a piece of cloth between your breasts and bra.

They are specially designed to hold breast milk when it accidentally leaks. With this, they are effective in preventing noticeable stains on your tops. 

The Mama’s Choice Washable Breast Pad is a highly-recommended option with its eco-friendly bamboo fibres. You can expect that you will be free from any leakage.

Aside from that, the natural fabric is also gentle to your skin. This is important as other pads may be irritating and cause skin issues like contact dermatitis.

This is also cost-effective as you can easily match it with all types of bras. It’s also easily washable, so you can reuse it many times. 

Breast Pads Reminders

When it comes to using breast pads, here are some of the things that you need to remember:

  1. Make sure your breasts are clean before putting breast pads on.
  2. Adjusts the breast pad accordingly. The middle part of the pad should be on top of your nipple.
  3. Change breast pads every 3 to 4 hours. 
  4. Clean breast pads with gentle soap and water. Check if it’s fully dried before wearing them again.

Live Leak-Free Starting Today!

Just trust the process and follow all the tips that we provided above. When in doubt, you can also seek help from your doctors.

You may want to use a pair of our Washable Breast Pads on your way there. Click the banner below  to order now at a discounted price. 

Mama's Choice Washable Breast Pad

Get an 18% Discount on Mama’s Choice Washable Breast Pad ($10.90 $8.90)

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