How to Disinfect Baby Toys: 5 Tips For Every Toy Type

Bacteria and viruses are all over. Making sure that your baby’s toys are clean and disinfected should be a top priority. Here’s how to disinfect baby toys according to what toy your baby has!

Your kid’s most prized possessions are their toys. They come in contact with these things constantly.

We know for sure that there is already a long list of things that you keep cleaned and sanitized at all times. Your kids’ lovely toys should rank high there.

Since many toys come in different materials, there are also different ways to make sure that they are free from bacteria and viruses. We are here to help you with that.

How To Disinfect Baby Toys According To Toy Types

Fabric Toys


Stuffed toys and plushies are adorable until you see a mixture of saliva and dirt on them. When it comes to cleaning them, it would be best to check the label as manufacturers often provide this information.

However, as a general rule, you may throw them in the washing machine. Just remember to use a gentle setting and detergent when you do so.

Another trick is adding a cup of vinegar to deal with the bacteria.

It is normally safe to use a dryer on fabric toys. But it would still be best to let them dry under the direct heat of the sun.

Alternatively, you can also carefully hand wash the toys.

Plastic Toys


Plastic toys such as building blocks, rings, animal figures, and more can be cleaned in multiple ways.

One of the easiest ways is to use your dishwasher. You can place the bigger toys securely between the tines in the rack. As for the smaller toys, it is advisable to use a mesh bag.

You may use the normal or sanitizing cycle as most plastic toys will be able to handle this.

When it comes to drying, you may use the heated dry feature that is common in dishwashers. You may also towel dry the toys if you prefer it better.

You may also use over-the-counter cleaning wipes. Alternatively, you can DIY this using a wet cloth with 3% hydrogen peroxide solutions.

Rubber Toys


These soft and squishy toys are easy to grab, which is why they also accumulate a lot of dirt. Unfortunately, you cannot throw these on the various cleaning machines.

When cleaning rubber toys, you can wipe them down with a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water. After that, you would need to rinse it off and let the toys be air-dried.

If you are more comfortable with commercial cleaners, you may use a gentle cleanser, baby shampoo, or any other disinfectant instead.

Wooden Toys


Wooden toys are a bit tricky to clean as you cannot get them wet. It would be best to use a brush to help remove dust and dirt. To sanitize it, you may use a damp cloth with vinegar solution. Just be sure to let it dry under the sun afterward to prevent damage.

Electronic Toys


Technology has taken over our lives. Today, even babies have gadgets and other electronic toys.

The first step is to make sure that the device is turned off. In line with this, it would be best to make sure that it is unplugged or that the batteries are removed.

Once ready, you may get a damp cloth with warm soapy water. You can use this to get rid of dirt and grime. After that, wipe the toys again with a damp cloth to rinse the soap. Once done, towel dry.


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