What Is Swaddling and Other Questions Answered!

What exactly is swaddling? And how can it benefit you and your baby? This article will answer all your questions about this baby-wrapping technique. 

For centuries, mamas have wrapped their babies in comfortable fabric to make the little ones feel safe and secure. This technique is called swaddling. 

While the baby is in their cocoon-like state, their body temperature is regulated, which helps them relax and get better sleep.

Is swaddling safe? 

There have been many debates among experts when it comes to swaddling. Some risks come with wapping babies, such as hip dysplasia, overheating, and issues with self-soothing. 

However, when done correctly, experts agree that swaddling is safe for babies. The key is researching and consulting professionals to maximise this technique’s benefits. 


5 Benefits of Swaddling

Now that we have a better understanding of swaddling, here are the benefits that you can reap from doing this:

1. Helps regulate body temperature

It may be hard for your baby to regulate their body temperature on cold days. Swaddling is one of the effective ways to keep their body warm safely. 

2. Improves quality of sleep

Research has shown that swaddled babies get more prolonged and more profound sleep than those who are not. This is because they are less likely to wake up spontaneously.

3. Lessens the probability of anxiety

Just like adults, babies can also experience anxiety. One of the best ways to help cope is to hold them – a sensation a swaddle can mimic. 

4. Prevents baby from scratching

Since trimming your baby’s nails until about a month old is unsafe, scratching can be an issue. Of course, you can put mittens over your baby’s hands, but it is not as snug as a swaddle. 

5. Helps parents get enough rest

Of course, when the baby is happy, relaxed, and well-rested, parents and other caretakers have more time for themselves. As we all know, motherhood can be overwhelming, so techniques like swaddling are a simple way to make things easier.


Essential Things to Consider When Swaddling Your Baby


Since you are now aware of the benefits of swaddling, you may consider trying it. But before you start wrapping your baby, here are some things that you need to take note of:

1. Do not swaddle too tightly

Of course, you would want to get a snug fit when swaddling. However, wrapping too tight may cause too much pressure on your baby and suffocate them.

You should be able to fit two to three fingers between the swaddle and the baby.

2. Make sure that the surface is flat

There is a potential risk of your baby rolling around while swaddling. Unfortunately, if they get stuck face down, it can make it hard for them to breathe.

To prevent this, it would be best to check the area where you will lay them down.

3. Keep your baby cool

Since the babies are wrapped in a cloth, it is only normal for them to feel warm. However, during hot days, the temperature may start to hurt them.

With this, it would be best to use an electric fan or air conditioning to support them. 

4. Choose the proper cloth

While any clean and soft cloth would work, it would still be best to use specialised swaddles. These are designed to wrap babies effectively while minimising the risks of swaddling.

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So, what do you think? Will you give swaddling a try?

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