Baby Carrier Singapore: 5 Safety Tips and Features To Look For

Are you looking for a baby carrier in Singapore? Baby carriers have many benefits…but you must use them correctly.

It’s very common to see mamas and other caregivers with baby carriers. Aside from looking adorable, there are many advantages of babywearing this way.

Many experts have shared that this benefits the baby’s overall health and mood.

More importantly, this is also very helpful for mamas. Carriers are a great way to prevent back pain from carrying your baby all day. In addition, this will allow you to move your arms to do other tasks without putting your baby down.

Baby carriers are also a great way to help mamas and babies bond. When you babywear, you release oxytocin. This hormone helps both of you develop positive feelings towards each other. 

5 Best Baby Carrier Safety Tips

However, you can only enjoy these benefits if you use carriers correctly. Here’s how you can make sure that you are using baby carriers safely:

1. Keep the baby’s face clear.


Remember that your babies haven’t developed their necks yet. With this, they won’t be able to move their head if something blocks them.

With this in mind, you have to constantly check if anything is getting in the way of their face. Aside from this, their chins should never be tucked as well.

Failing to prevent this may block their airways and cause suffocation. 

2. Make sure that the sling is tight.


Before placing your baby into the carrier, do a quick tug on all straps. Most carriers come with adjustable straps that may be hard to navigate once the baby is already in the carrier. Maneuvering and fidgeting may cause accidents that may lead to your baby falling.

Aside from this, loose straps on carriers may allow your baby to slump as you move around. This can also harm their breathing.

Not to mention that this can also cause back problems to mamas like you.

3. Watch their hips.


Your baby is a fragile little thing. Most of their bones aren’t as strong as ours yet. This includes their hips.

When positioning your baby in the carrier, ensure that their thighs are supported. When it comes to their legs, they should be spread evenly on their sides.

If the babies are in an improper position for a long time, this could lead to a condition known as hip dysplasia. This is characterized as a dislocation of the hips.

4. Be careful.


It’s true. Using baby carriers is a great way to move around while carrying your baby. But this isn’t an excuse to be reckless.

There are still limitations to the activities that a mama can do. For example, it would be best to avoid drinking hot liquid when babywearing.

It’s also advisable to avoid hazards like fire, sharp objects, and other similar items. So, yes. If possible, stay away from the kitchen while carrying your baby,

Aside from this, it would be best always to bend your knees when picking something up. Never use your back or hip, as this may cause you to lose your balance.

5. Do your research.


More than anything, finding the perfect carrier should be your main priority. There are so many available ones out there. But none of them is the same.

It may get confusing and frustrating. However, taking the time to research the qualities of a suitable carrier is worth it.

What to Look for in a Baby Carrier in Singapore

Best Baby Carrier Singapore : Mama's Choice Comfy Baby Carrier

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Here are some things that you should look out for when shopping for a new baby carrier in Singapore:

  • Soft, stretchy, and sturdy fabric
  • Strong material yet breathable to match Singapore weather
  • It can support the baby’s weight
  • It can support babies in various positions
  • It has pockets for baby supplies

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This is made from durable materials that are gentle to your baby’s skin. The stretchable fabric will also ensure your baby’s comfort while holding them in the proper position, whether sitting or sleeping.

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Think your baby is heavy? No problem! This can easily carry up to 15 kgs. With its pockets, you can also add some of your everyday items here. 

Overall, this is a practical solution for mamas who want their baby to stay comfortable, secure, and happy as they babywear. 

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Get a 21% Discount on Mama’s Choice Comfy Baby Carrier  | $18.90 $14.90

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