6 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Use Our Baby Tummy Oil For Infant Colic Relief

Infant colic relief, you ask? Finally, you’ve come to the right place, Mama, as we’re spilling the beans on the six reasons why you should try the new Mama’s Choice Baby Calming Tummy Oil for your colicky baby!

Colic is one of those baffling yet common conditions that happens to an infant during their first few months of life. But it’s more than a test of patience for a new mama. It’s a distressing experience that may even result in parents racing to the emergency room to figure out what’s wrong with their babies. 

However, it’s not as hopeless for new parents as we’ve created Mama’s Choice Baby Calming Tummy Oil! We specially formulated our product using ingredients that will help soothe your baby and provide infant colic relief! It contains a blend of carefully selected natural ingredients that help relieve indigestion, stomach cramps, and gas. All of which are usually the signs of colic in a baby.

Eager to learn more about our new Baby Calming Tummy Oil? We’re giving you six great reasons (and advantages!) that may help us convince you to hit that buy button you’ve been hesitant to tap.

Reasons to use Mama's Choice Baby Calming Tummy Oil

1. It’s 100% natural

We believe in the power of nature, which is why we’ve handpicked the best natural ingredients for our tummy oil to create our tummy oil! 

We’ve concocted a blend consisting of nutmeg oil to help with indigestion, lavender oil to help calm a crying baby, and chamomile oil to promote relaxation. Besides these, we also included coconut oil, olive oil, anise oil, and citronella oil.


2. There’s no mineral oil

We try to use primarily natural ingredients in our products. That is why we skipped mineral oil in our formulation, which is known to have several side effects in babies. 

Speaking to Byrdie, dermatologist Dr. Iris Rubin added that mineral oil is occlusive “and can therefore trap other ingredients on the skin, potentially leading to clogged pores.” ​​In an article medically reviewed by paediatrician Dr. Arti Sharma, it was also revealed that mineral oil could negatively impact cell development because of mineral oil’s occlusive nature. 


3. It’s perfect for your baby’s bedtime routine

We created a product that’s not just for infant colic relief. As our baby tummy oil is hypoallergenic, it’s a great addition to nighttime rituals for better sleep because two ingredients—lavender oil and chamomile oil—are known to promote calmness and relaxation.

For instance, we recommend applying it on the tummy and soles after bathing (with Mama’s Choice Baby Hair and Body Wash would be great) as a way to help your baby relax for bedtime


4. It’s designed and lab-tested in Singapore

We made sure there’s nothing for you to worry about because we’ve sought independent laboratories here in Singapore to test our Mama’s Choice Baby Calming Tummy Oil for safety and effectiveness.


5. Halal

As a brand rooted in Southeast Asia, it’s important to us that we include the needs of every Asian family. So our tummy oil is proudly certified Halal in addition to being safe for your little one. 


6. Mamas love it

Some Mamas in Singapore are impressed with how our baby tummy oil worked for their little one! Take it from beautiful Mama Vernece, who loves Mama’s Choice Baby Calming Tummy Oil!

“I love Mama’s Choice Calming Tummy Oil, it contains Nutmeg, Lavender and Chamomile Oil which really helps to soothe her flatulence and indigestion. It also helps her to sleep better at night too. The scent is calming and it is not greasy after application.”

So, Mamas, have we convinced you yet to grab a bottle of Mama’s Choice Calming Tummy Oil yet for infant colic relief and a night of more restful sleep? Shop now!

Mama's Choice Baby Calming Tummy Oil | Colic Relief

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