A Prenatal Massage Oil Made For Mamas: Mama’s Choice Relaxing Massage Oil

Here’s how we came up with our 100% natural, safe and effective prenatal massage oil. 

Motherhood is amazing. There’s no feeling like raising a child. But sometimes, it can be seriously unfair. Morning sickness, stress, and back pain are just some of the difficulties we encounter as Mamas.

That’s why we set out to develop a massage oil that could help Mamas on their journey! We can’t wait to share what’s inside, as well as how we came up with it. 🙂

Let’s start with what’s inside – the main reason almost everyone keeps telling us that they love the scent of our massage oil.

Why we chose each of our ingredients

Our prenatal massage oil ingredients

Don’t worry; this isn’t a big laundry list. We only have 6 high-quality natural ingredients inside our massage oil!


Lavender is a staple of any great massage oil.

It’s extremely fragrant and famous for its relaxing properties, which help relieve stress and anxiety, ease tension, and alleviate back pain.

Orange oil

Orange oil is a natural moisturizer known for nourishing and soothing dry skin. 

We love this ingredient because it’s great at helping you relieve morning sickness! So if you’re feeling nauseous, pop a few drops of our massage oil into a diffuser and relax.

Tip: If you’re in the first trimester, it’s also good to stock up on citrus-related food and products. They help a lot!

Grapefruit oil

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that has a fresh, sweet, and invigorating aroma.

It’s great at enhancing your mood and energy, especially for the days when you’re feeling a little down. It goes really well with orange oil and also helps to drive morning sickness away.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil hydrates your skin, leaving it glowing! In addition, as a natural emollient, it moisturizes dry and stressed skin.

You should use our massage oil when you want to pamper yourself a little 🙂

Olive oil

A classic antioxidant, olive oil helps protect your skin against damage, leading to signs of ageing. 

Just like why we chose coconut oil, olive oil helps to improve your skin health.

Vitamin E

The Vitamin E in our massage oil comes in the form of Tocopheryl acetate. It’s actually a form of Vitamin E that you’ll also usually find in most skincare products at home.

In the skincare industry, we mainly use it because it’s a great antioxidant that helps bolster your skin health and reduces signs of ageing. 

That’s all! We use just 6 ingredients for our massage oil, and all of them are natural and safe for pregnant and breastfeeding Mamas. Together, our ingredients build a beautiful combination of aromas to help you refresh and relax whenever you want to while also taking care of your skin.

So, we had the formula for our prenatal massage oil – what then?

Sometimes, the secret to a great massage oil is in the smell. 

That’s why we enlisted the help of over a hundred Mamas in our focus groups to help refine our texture and formula in blind tests.

We also asked hundreds of Mamas to participate in product surveys, which played a huge part in deciding the final composition, aroma, and texture of our Mama’s Choice Relaxing Massage oil!

Mama's Choice Relaxing Massage Oil is a soothing and relaxing prenatal massage oil.

After we had refined the perfect texture and formula, it was straight to lab-testing! 

Here are some of the Singaporean lab tests we’ve sent our massage oil for:

  • Microbiological tests to ensure that though we’re using natural ingredients, there aren’t any microorganisms hitching a ride-along.
  • 1,4 – dioxane tests to clear our massage oil of 1,4 – dioxane, an irritant that causes liver and kidney damage. 
  • Heavy metal tests to make sure that our massage oil doesn’t contain any nasty metals which could harm your health.

After we had refined everything – the ingredients, aroma, texture, and safety, it was time to share our perfect massage oil formula with you! 🙂


How do you use it for prenatal massage?

The term prenatal massage might seem a little daunting, but it’s actually not too different from a normal massage!

There are some areas you shouldn’t massage when you’re pregnant. Please take a look at our infographic below to see more.

If you want to see a detailed guide on prenatal massage, read this article we wrote about it!

Prenatal Massage – A DIY guide to relieve stress during pregnancy

If you’re wondering when you can use it for a massage, prenatal massage is suitable for pregnant and nursing Mamas after the 2nd trimester.

Generally, you’ll want to avoid having a massage during the first trimester (the most fragile trimester). However, you can still use our massage oil for aromatherapy to ward off that notorious early pregnancy morning sickness!

Using our Relaxing Massage oil for aromatherapy

We’re going to leave you with a great tip since you’ve made it so far into our article: We’ve specially designed our massage oil so that you can use it in a diffuser.

Our Mama’s Choice Relaxing Massage oil doesn’t just smell great. We put in grapefruit and orange oil so that you can drive away morning sickness!

Our prenatal massage oil is simple to use. Just put a few drops into a diffuser whenever you want to freshen up your room, relieve nausea or relax in the evening. It’s an amazing pregnancy companion.

Where can I get my own Mama’s Choice Relaxing Massage oil?

You can find our prenatal massage oil on Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10.

We believe in making all our products accessible to everyone. So you can get yours for just $13.90. Click on this image below to get one for yourself!


Mama's Choice Team

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