What To Do When Baby’s Diaper Rash is Bad?

Diaper rash is one of the most common skin issues that babies encounter. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do anything about it. So when the redness starts to spread, here is what you can do when your baby’s diaper rash is bad.

One of the most common misconceptions is that diaper rash is because of diapers. Although, it is understandable for many to think this way since that is what the term suggests. 

Unfortunately, many other factors can contribute to your baby’s diaper rashes; simply changing the brand of your diapers would not work. 

Since diarrhoea, chemical exposure, bacteria build-up, and many others may be the culprit to your baby’s diaper rash; it may become frustrating to identify the cause and combat it. 

Don’t worry because we have the solution. But before that, it is essential to identify if your baby has a rash. 

Signs of Diaper Rash


If you find that the baby’s skin in the diaper area looks red and irritated, there is a possibility that your little one is enduring a diaper rash.

The initial stage is usually a faint redness or red dots. Later, it can develop into severe rashes in the form of lumps that spread to other body parts with yellowish fluid or crusts.

Once you start noticing these symptoms, it is essential to treat them immediately. Please don’t wait for the rash to worsen because it can be painful and dangerous for your child. 

What To Do When Your Baby’s Diaper Rash is Bad

Luckily, there are practical ways to treat diaper rash at home. Here’s how:

1. Change diapers regularly.


Don’t wait too long to change diapers if your little one has urinated or defecated. Damp, dirty diapers can further irritate the rash area.

If you use disposable diapers, choose the right size and high absorption. Adjust the size of the diaper as the baby grows so that it is not too small.

But if you use cloth diapers, you need always to rinse the diapers two to three times so that the detergent residue doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin. Alternatively, you can use a special natural baby detergent to make it safer.

2. Keep the baby’s skin clean and dry.

The skin of a baby with a rash needs to be left open occasionally so that the skin can breathe freely and not get damp. With this, you may consider not immediately putting on a fresh diaper after your little one soil the last one. 

When changing diapers, always dry the baby’s skin by patting gently with a towel or tissue. Please refrain from using any products with alcohol, as this will only worsen the rash. 

3. Use cream.


While healing rashes takes time and patience, rash creams or ointments are now available to help speed up the healing of rashes on a baby’s skin.

These are usually applied after showering or changing diapers. 

Meet this Gentle and Effective Diaper Rash Cream Innovation from Mama’s Choice!

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Listen up, mamas! Not all rash creams are safe for newborns. 

Their skin is susceptible, and some may do more harm than good. For instance, creams should not contain harmful ingredients that irritate and clog a baby’s skin, such as alcohol, mineral oil, paraben, fragrance, and many more. 

Because of this, we have created the Mama’s Choice Baby Rash Cream for your peace of mind and your baby’s comfort. 

It contains a fast-acting formula that has been clinically tested and proven by experts in Singapore. We have also conducted a study that shows that it can relieve skin irritation, rashes,  and redness in just three uses.

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Amazing, right?

Mama’s Choice Baby Rash Cream is also enriched with eight natural ingredients like Centella Csiatica and rosemary, which are known to soothe the skin.

On top of this, the texture is light and easy to absorb, making it easy to use all over the baby’s body to treat milk rashes, prickly heat, and so on. Indeed, this is truly a must-have all mamas should stock up on!

When to See a Doctor?

If your baby’s diaper rash gets worse, it would be best to see a doctor. Here are some of the signs that you should look out for:

  • First, the rash is getting worse and looking like an open wound.
  • The baby always cries and is in pain every time he poops.
  • Finally, there is a fever that accompanies irritation.

Mama's Choice Baby Diaper Rash Cream
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