5 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Mama’s Choice Natural Mouthwash

We believe that Mama’s Choice Natural Mouthwash should be your choice for maintaining clean teeth and gums during pregnancy. So what are some of the advantages? 

Natural mouthwash that is 100% safe for pregnant women

1. No alcohol or fluoride

We don’t use alcohol and fluoride in our mouthwash formula. This helps pregnant women avoid allergies, canker sores, mouth irritation, and dry lips. By staying away from alcohol and fluorides, we help keep the fetus’s health safe. 

2. A mild formula with a fresh taste

Mama’s Choice Mouthwash comes in mint flavour. We delicately balanced the flavour, so it’s refreshing but not too sharp. In addition, the formula is light enough to help you balance the mouth’s pH. 

3. Made with selected natural ingredients 

Our mouthwash is safe for pregnant women and nursing Mamas. It’s enriched with the best natural ingredients such as chlorophyll, miswak, and allantoin.

These three natural ingredients clean effectively between the teeth and gums, overcome bad breath and prevent hypersalivation.

Chlorophyll is a natural dye for our mouthwash liquid without using artificial colouring.

4. Easy to carry anywhere

Mouthwashes in our supermarkets generally come in pretty large sizes. However, Mama’s Choice Natural Mouthwash comes in convenient and travel sizes. You can easily fit it in your handbag or pocket to carry around.

5. Helps prevent nausea and gum disease

Our natural mouthwash also helps to prevent bacterial growth. When used routinely, Mama’s Choice Mouthwash can help prevent swollen or bleeding gums in pregnant women.

6. Mamas have recommended it!

Mama Carol Christelle has a story to tell. She used both oral care products from Mama’s Choice.

Mama Carol Christelle using Mama's Choice Natural Mouthwash

“When I was pregnant. my gums often bled. So I’m very happy when I found a mouthwash made specifically for pregnant women. Mouthwash is really effective, you know, to stop the bleeding in the gums”, said Mama Carol.

Another Mama who would like to share her testimonial is Mama Marlisa. 

Mama Marlisa using Mama's Choice Natural Mouthwash

“When you get pregnant, your mouth will often be bitter. I wanted to use mouthwash, but they all contained alcohol. I had to brush my teeth many times because of bad breath. Luckily, now there is Mama’s Choice Mouthwash”, said Mama Marlisa.

Hormones tend to increase the number of bacteria in the mouth during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to use mouthwash routinely as a treatment and preventive measure. Experts, including The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), recommend using mouthwash without alcohol as it is safer, healthier, and more beneficial for health.

Mama's Choice Non-Fluoride Mouthwash

Author Mama's Choice Team

Mama's Choice Team


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