What Works Best To Prevent Stretch Marks?

What works best to prevent stretch marks? Find the answers that you need here, mama!

Stretch marks are often called tiger stripes—badge mamas have earned for their courage as they went through the once-in-a-lifetime pregnancy journey.

The idea is lovely. But stretch marks can be particularly annoying, too, right? Studies say that 50% to 90% of women will develop stretch marks during pregnancy, so it’s sure to raise the anxiety levels of soon-to-be-mamas.

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If you’re pregnant and worried about the possibility of dealing with stretch marks once you start showing, we’re here to ease your worries as we give you the best roundup of what works best to prevent stretch marks.


What Works Best To Prevent Stretch Marks? These 8 Tips!

1. Moisturize your skin

The adage “prevention is better than cure” applies to stretch marks. Keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated helps with a few things: by helping reduce itching and keeping the elastin (elastin is what allows our skin to stretch) that your skin needs.


According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, stretch mark creams and lotions work best if applied early on. As such, you can never be too early in using stretch mark creams. In addition, make sure you moisturize other parts of your body, not just the belly. Finally, remember that stretch marks can also appear on your thighs, breasts, arms, and hips.

But since pregnancy can be a vulnerable and delicate stage, soon-to-be-mamas must pay attention to what they’re applying to their skin. Always choose a pregnancy-safe lotion or, better yet, a pregnancy stretch mark cream specially formulated to target stretch marks, just like our Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream.

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Free of parabens, alcohol, toxins, and other harmful ingredients, our stretch mark cream is 100% safe to use! With a formula inspired by nature and enriched with an innovative ingredient called Lipobelle Soyaglicone, Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream can help prevent stretch marks and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

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Best of all, our stretch mark cream is tried, tested, and loved by thousands of Mamas in Singapore!


2. Control your weight

You may be growing another human being, but that doesn’t mean you have to overindulge. However, since stretch marks result from your skin stretching, it pays to keep your weight in check, so your skin doesn’t overstretch or stretch too fast.

Besides watching what you eat, you can still safely exercise during pregnancy to help manage your weight.

However, remember that although stretch marks are often associated with pregnancy, anybody can also develop stretch marks. This is especially true if you are usually experiencing sudden weight changes. 


3. Get a boost of vitamins 

Did you know that stretch marks may also occur before you miss certain nutrients in your diet? These essential vitamins which can play a role in your skin’s health include vitamins C, E, D, and zinc. These vitamins can come from a healthy diet or a prenatal multivitamin.


4. Eat more foods rich in omega-3


Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids aren’t just healthy but incredibly helpful in keeping the skin supple. So whether it’s salmon or sardines, walnuts, or chia seeds, incorporating omega-3-rich foods may lower your chances of developing stretch marks.

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5. Stay hydrated

Here’s the truth: there’s no direct correlation between stretch marks and drinking water. However, staying hydrated is known to help keep your skin hydrated and soft. And stretch marks are less likely to develop if you have supple, moisturized, and healthy skin. 


6. Wear sunscreen

We all know how damaging the sun can be. But if you’re avoiding stretch marks, it’s also best to avoid direct sun exposure. And if you will be exposed to the sun, sunscreen is an absolute must because the UV rays can damage our skin’s collagen and elastin.

What is collagen exactly? It’s a protein that strengthens the skin. Meanwhile, elastin is responsible for keeping the skin elastic and flexible. 


7. Avoid smoking

Smoking is an absolute no-no during pregnancy because of its adverse effects on your fetus. In addition, smoking can also contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which are crucial if you want to prevent stretch marks.


8. Exfoliate your skin


This tip is related to our first tip–moisturize the skin. You see, when you exfoliate your skin, As exfoliating removes dry and dead skin cells, you’re allowing your moisturizers, lotions, and stretch mark cream to penetrate your skin better.

Even better, exfoliation is known to promote the growth of new skin cells. You can use a loofah, a dry brush, or a textured cloth to exfoliate your skin.

If you were looking for what works best to prevent stretch marks, we hope these eight tips prove to be useful in your quest for a stretch mark-free pregnancy journey.

A word of advice from one mama to another: 9 out of 10 women will develop stretch marks during their pregnancy. Many factors should be considered, from your genetics to your skin condition. As such, there’s no way to prevent stretch marks completely. If you earn a stretch mark or two, know there’s nothing to be ashamed of. 🙂 

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