What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss? Here’s What Really Happens!

Postpartum hair loss is widely accepted in any woman’s postpartum experience. But while many mamas have already accepted this inevitable fate, we’re here to shed–pun not intended–a little light on this simple question: what causes postpartum hair loss?

“I was shocked by how much hair I would shed every time I showered. Our bathroom floor was full of hair,” shares new mama Therese. But, of course, this scenario isn’t new at all. 

According to experts, it’s not unusual to lose hair every day. We lose as much as 150 strands of hair per day! However, it’s a red flag if you gather a clump of hair the size of a golf ball. 

For mamas who have just given birth, hair loss is even worse because of mainly one thing: hormonal changes.


A Look Into What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss

You see, pregnancy usually causes estrogen and progesterone levels to rise. These two hormones help keep hair growing and stay in the growing phase–also called the anagen phase. 

During this time, the average hair fall decreases! That is why for most women, pregnancy is the time when the hair looks healthier and feels fuller.

After giving birth, though, the high estrogen and progesterone levels drop. Healthline writes that hormone levels drop within 24 hours after birth, except for the prolactin hormone, which will remain high if breastfeeding.


This change in hormone levels pushes your hair away from the “growing” phase and into the “resting” stage. ​​During this stage, your hair falls faster than usual because, in a way, it’s making up for all the hair that didn’t shed when your estrogen and progesterone levels were soaring.

According to the Australia-based director of the International Association of Trichologists, David Salinger, hair stays at rest “for approximately three months before it falls out and new growth shows itself. Typically the regrowth is in the form of baby bangs along the hairline.”

But did you know that while we commonly call it postpartum hair loss, the American Academy of Dermatology Association notes that it is not real hair loss? Instead, it’s called telogen effluvium. 

If It’s Not Real Hair Loss… Then What Is It? 

First, let’s understand what actual hair loss is. According to experts, hair loss (medically known as anagen effluvium) in women usually happens along the line of the part. In addition, hair around the top of the head gets thinner.

Unlike postpartum hair loss, which is triggered by hormonal changes, actual hair loss is triggered by the following:

  • Hereditary hair loss
  • Immune system overreacts
  • Some drugs and treatments
  • Hairstyles that pull on the hair
  • Harsh hair-care products
  • The compulsion to pull out one’s hair

On the other hand, the hair loss experienced by women who have just given birth is telogen effluvium or simply excessive hair shedding. 

It “is when your hair is still growing, but more hairs than usual fall out each day. It’s usually temporary and stops on its own,” explained Jeffrey Hurley, MD, a dermatologist at Chester County Hospital.

Tips To Manage Postpartum Hair Loss or Excessive Hair Shedding

Now that we’ve found out what causes postpartum hair loss, here are a few steps you can take to help your hair look fuller, thicker, and healthier:

  • Do not shampoo your hair excessively. When you wash your hair, use shampoos formulated for hair loss and as natural as possible to avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Use a conditioner only on the tips of your hair. Applying conditioner to the roots will weigh down your hair even more.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to minimize tangling.
  • Use scrunchies instead of rubber bands.
  • Don’t make it too tight if you put your hair in a ponytail.
  • Avoid hot styling tools and chemical hair treatments in the meantime.

Manage Postpartum Hair Loss with Mama’s Choice Hair Care Series

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Today, experience a safer and more natural way to deal with postpartum hair loss. Check out what our happy mamas have to say:


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