The Best Baby Lotion for Mosquitoes in Singapore

Whether your baby is asleep, eating, playing, or simply being their cutest selves, they are always at risk of getting those pesky mosquito bites. These irritate babies’ sensitive skin and make them vulnerable to diseases. That’s why it’s time to discover the best baby lotion for mosquitoes to protect your little one wherever they may be.

Our babies are so sweet; even mosquitoes can’t resist them! But, kidding aside, mosquito bites are irritating for our babies and can cause more severe health concerns like the Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria. And just like everything else in life, prevention is better than cure.

We understand that finding the right product can get confusing, especially if you are a new mama with many other things on her mind. So we’re here to let you in on a secret – the best baby lotion for mosquitoes to protect your precious one should meet the following criteria!


5 Things To Look For In A Mosquito Repellent

1. Made With Natural Ingredients

When choosing a product for your baby, always consider if this is from gentle natural ingredients, as some synthetic chemicals can be too harsh for your baby’s skin. Below are great natural ingredients that are proven effective at keeping mosquito bites at bay. 

  1. Citronella Oil – this has a refreshing aroma that is known to repel mosquitoes naturally
  2. Andiroba Seed Oil – this has been proven to protect even sensitive skin from irritations caused by a mosquito bite

2. Dermatologically Tested and Hypoallergenic

Aside from the ingredients, you must also ensure that anything you rub on your baby’s body has been carefully manufactured and lab-tested. A good indicator of this can be found in the labels. For a product to have this claim on its packaging, it means that it has undergone a series of clinical and dermatological tests to deem it hypoallergenic and safe for babies.

When in doubt, it wouldn’t hurt to research the brand that created the product to see if they’re trustworthy.

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3. DEET-Free

DEET or diethyl-meta-toluamide is an ingredient commonly found in insect-repellent products. According to the CDC, although this effectively keeps mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects at bay, it can also cause severe skin irritations.

There are also reports of seizures, uncoordinated movements, agitation, aggressive behaviour, and low blood pressure from DEET exposure.

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4. Works For Hours

Going for a mosquito-repellent lotion that has up to 8 hours of efficacy will not only be more economical for a budget-conscious mama like you, but it will also mean saving the time to keep your baby still enough to apply the lotion properly. And we know just how hard it is to do that. So, do yourself a favour and go for a product that can last you hours and hours of peace of mind – especially during the night!

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5. It Also Moisturises the Skin

As much as it does what a mosquito-repellant would do, it should also work well as lotion. The perfect product should also protect and moisturize the baby’s skin. Aside from that, it should also come with a fresh fragrance that is gentle enough not to irritate your baby but fragrant enough to relax your little one and everyone else around.

Our best pick for this is lavender because it has relaxing properties that help relieve stress and anxiety, ease tension, and alleviate back pain (which many mamas can benefit from).

6. Bonus Feature: Eco-Friendly Packaging

Although this has less to do with the product’s efficacy, eco-friendly packaging indicates that a brand cares for your baby. After all, who will inherit the earth once we are all gone, right? Our children, of course. So, making more conscious decisions today will ultimately benefit them. So, going for that biodegradable packing means more than you think.


Discover The Best Baby Lotion for Mosquitoes Right Here!


Mama’s Choice Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion is a mosquito-repellant specially formulated for the most delicate and sensitive skin, such as your baby’s. It ticks all the boxes and has everything your baby needs to be safe from mosquitoes.

Without a doubt, this is the best baby mosquito lotion out there! It’s easy to use too. First, pour Mama’s Choice Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion on your palms. Then, apply liberally to the arms and legs of your little one.

While our mosquito repellent can protect your little one, you can also do the following to avoid mosquito bites:

  1. First, dress your baby in clothes that don’t show too much skin.
  2. Then, put mosquito nets and screens on doors or windows.
  3. When outside, also place mosquito nets and screens on strollers or carriages.

Save your babies from mosquito bites and try this baby lotion for mosquitoes today. You can even have it delivered to your doorsteps in no time! Click here, and we’ll get your order ready.


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