Nisha Satyamorthi opens up about ‘absolutely magical’ pregnancy

We at Mama’s Choice were beyond excited at being granted the chance to get to know Mitara actress Nisha Satyamorthi a little bit and peek into her incredible journey so far. Please keep reading to find out what we learned about this stunning mama-to-be.

Model. Beauty Queen. Actress. And now, soon-to-be mum! Nisha Satyamorthi’s excitement at being a mum is palpable.

From the heartwarming photo she shared on Instagram to announce the little one joining their new family to her stylish maternity looks, Nisha is ready for a new journey. And that journey is far from glamorous because it involves many cuddles, sleepless nights, and poopy diapers.

Of Excitement and Worries

Married in March 2020 to assistant director Satyamorthi Naidi, Nisha was “absolutely thrilled” when a home pregnancy test she took after missing a period confirmed that they were pregnant. 

“The thought of growing another life, and feeling baby movements inside me is absolutely magical.”

When asked about her favourite thing about being pregnant, Nisha said, “the thought of growing another life and feeling baby movements inside me are magical.” And much like how she started her career, it’s a beautiful journey but not without its own set of struggles.

Being an actress, the work hours are expectedly long. As a result, sleep is a luxury at times, and stress is always looming. “I had to struggle with keeping my energy levels up and my terrible morning sickness during the first trimester while being on set.”

Despite battling the early pregnancy symptoms while filming, Nisha found good in it.

“But I am glad that my job nature also kept me active throughout my pregnancy.”

Perhaps Nisha has managed to ease through her pregnancy journey because she is never without her must-haves. What are they? A granola bar, mint spray, and bottled water.

Pregnancy: Embracing A New Lifestyle

Pregnancy changes a woman in many ways, and that includes our lifestyle. For Nisha, eating healthier was the most significant change she had to make because she’s a confessed junk food lover. Although dropping the junk food habit was tough, “nine months of healthy eating has become the new way of eating for me now,” she shares.

Besides a healthier diet, Nisha was apprehensive about how pregnancy would change her style. “I was afraid that I would have to dress in mundane maternity dresses initially but was pleasantly surprised to see the number of brands carrying really stylish maternity clothes!”

Pregnant Nisha Satyamorthi

If you follow her on Instagram, you’d be pleased to know, mums, that you don’t always have to change your style. Often dolled up and dressed to the nines, Nisha looks as glamorous as ever, bump or no bump! “I pretty much dress in the same style I did pre-pregnancy thanks to the availability of these brands,” shares Nisha.

Soon-to-be Mama!


With her due date nearing, Nisha is now busy preparing for the big day. She recently shared her hospital bag, packed with everything a new mum would need! From maternity pads to a bathrobe and 0ur Intensive Nipple Cream to our Oral Care Bundle, Nisha is all set.

As our short chat wrapped up, we asked Nisha what’s the best pregnancy advice she received. “Almost everyone told me to stay active and not give in to the lethargy and become sedentary.” This valuable advice resonated with her so well that she would advise any pregnant mum the same. “You can always push yourself to be up and moving by giving yourself a pep talk!”

We can’t wait to see Nisha’s little bundle of joy! 

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