Discover: This 100% Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Inspired By Your Immune System

Like a chemical produced by our white blood cells to fight infection, Neutrophil HOCl sanitiser is an alcohol-free hand sanitiser tough on viruses, germs, bacteria, and fungi but really gentle on skin.

Mamas, say hello to the powerful germ-killer you’ve never heard of but have been using all your life: hypochlorous acid or HOCl (as in hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine).

It’s so strong that it can destroy superbugs like MRSA. According to studies, it’s 80-200 times more effective than bleach. However, it’s non-toxic and harmless to our cells.

You might not know this, but our amazing body naturally produces HOCl!

When we get an infection or a skin injury like a wound or cut, our immune system springs into action to fight invading pathogensusually viruses, germs, and bacteria. In this microscopic battle, our white blood cells create HOCl for the key mission of eliminating these disease-causing agents.

Out in the world, HOCl has lots of medical and industrial uses, like treating wounds and disinfecting produce, meat, and seafood.

Now, you can find this incredible ingredient in a purse-friendly spray bottleyour tiny but mighty, puny but potent, small but incredible sidekick in the neverending but fulfilling quest to keep your family safe and healthy. 🙂


Meet Neutrophil HOCl hand sanitiser

This lightweight and non-sticky solution is a 100% alcohol-free hand sanitiser and is absolutely safe for your kids. It’s actually a food-grade sanitiser made using water, pure salts, and a special process that requires no industrial chemical additives. Neutrophil HOCl Hand Sanitizer is: 

  • Allergen-free
  • pH neutral
  • Free from toxins and solvents
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Certified by TUV SUD
  • 99.9999% effective in eliminating viruses, germs, and pathogens 

So Mamas, bring it everywhere with you. Here are 10 ways it will come in handy:

  • Sanitising tiny hands (and the much larger hands that feed tiny mouths)
  • Disinfecting your tot’s things: pacifier, teether, stuffed animals, balls that bounce and roll on the floor, the fork on the floor, now the spoon on the floor…
  • Spraying surfaces in common areas: tables, playground equipment, seat handles, MRT handrails, supermarket carts, exercise machines, toilet seats
  • Washing/ rinsing fruit and veggies
  • Sanitising and cleaning up before and after pumping at work
  • Disinfecting wounds, cuts, and scrapes
  • Wiping a window down before your child presses his/her nose up against it
  • Offering to relatives and friends who want to carry your baby
  • Cleaning up after a nappy changeit’s also great for odour removal!
  • Sanitising hands after walking the dog or touching other animals

Think of it as… your new BFF. After all, it’s a relationship based on naturally occurring chemistry; Neutrophil is here for you wherever you go; it’s gentle where it needs to be but fiercely protects you and your loved ones from those that could bring you harm.

A study* found that diluted even up to a thousand times, Neutrophil HOCl sanitiser is still 99.9999% effective in killing E. coli. Now that’s a super strong ally in a world that’s had a recent reminder of how destructive viruses and bacteria can be.

It’s a great idea to have this alcohol-free hand sanitiser in the diaper bag or little one’s backpack, the stroller, your purse, your work/ breastfeeding bag, your dad’s work bag, and the kids’ room!

Stock up on Neutrophil HOCl hand sanitiser HERE.

Neutrophil is a 100% alcohol-free hand sanitizer

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