Get To Know The Best Flat Head Pillow in Singapore

Your search for the best flat head pillow to prevent plagiocephaly ends here. Find out what makes Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow the best flat head pillow!

Babies need their sleep as much as we want to cuddle them when they do. We all know that being gentle is the way to go at this stage. However, letting them sleep whenever they want poses tricky questions: Is their sleeping position comfortable? Are they safe from objects surrounding their space?

One essential sleeping item we overlook is the pillow we use for our babies. While it is said that a neat stack of blankets under our baby’s shoulders will do the trick, it is healthy not to risk the emergence of a flat head syndrome on our little one.

Plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, is when a baby’s head is flat on one side because of sleeping flat for long hours.

It is time to swap the old for the new because babies aren’t exempt from the joys of sleeping safe and sound. That is why our responsibility as adults is to provide nothing but the best for their 14-17 hours of much-needed shuteye.

Mama’s Choice offers a checklist on why your baby needs the best flat head pillow–Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow.


What Makes Our Pillow The Best Flat Head Pillow for Babies?

Organic Memory Foam = No Strain


Nothing speaks louder in terms of comfortable bed essentials than memory foam. The Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow keeps the stress off pressure points.

According to the Pillow Adviser, a memory pillow can be contoured to match the head and neck closely. It is quiet, durable, and easy to look after. With a promise of keeping the neck and the head comfortable, your baby will have a good night’s sleep in no time.


Soft Cotton that Speaks for Itself


A pillow is as good on the inside as it is outside. So what better way to match the gentle comfort of organic memory foam than soft cotton fabric? This pillow is covered in a soft cotton outer material that is gentle on the baby’s skin. There’s no doubt why this material is a favourite for babies and children’s clothes. It is soft, gentle, breathable, and super comfortable.


You Love to See its Ergonomic Design

The best part about the Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow is its brilliant ergonomic design. The goal is to keep your baby’s head safe and secured, so this pillow guarantees that comfort wherever and whenever.

You may be going out or staying in; this pillow is secured whether on a stroller or crib. In addition, the concave contour maintains the original shape of your baby’s head. So while the baby is in dreamland, Mama will not worry about the flat head syndrome because this pillow delivers.

It also comes in three colours for a design that is pleasing to the eyes. Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow checks all the boxes of safety and comfort – just as your baby likes it.


Tried, Tested, and Loved by Mamas

Are you not convinced? Please don’t take our word for it, but best believe that our mamas, who rated ours the best flat head pillow in Southeast Asia, know what they’re talking about.


“It’s soft but feels firm enough to support the baby’s head!”



If you want a five-star-worthy flat head pillow for your little one, then the Mama’s Choice Flat Head Prevention Pillow is undoubtedly one of the best baby pillows for flat heads out there.

After all, just like you, nothing is more important to us than our little one’s health and safety. Click the banner below to shop our pillows on Shopee!

Best flat head pillow for babies

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