6 Incredible Benefits of Crawling for Babies

Have you ever wondered what is there to crawling apart from being one of the many milestones babies need to hit? Learn a thing or two about the benefits of crawling for babies in this article. Keep reading, Mama!

It seems like it was only yesterday when your little one started to smile, learned how to gnaw on toys, and had a taste of her first food. But in the blink of an eye, your baby has begun to master the art of crawling! Feels so surreal, doesn’t it?

Crawling is an integral part of a baby’s development that usually starts as early as six months. But in some babies, crawling can begin as late as 12 months. While most of us have an image of a crawling baby on our hands and feet, there are different baby crawling styles.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, some of the different crawling styles are:

  1. Classic hands-and-knees or cross crawl. This is when babies crawl on their hands and knees, with the opposite hand and knee moving forward simultaneously.
  2. Bear crawl. Similar to the classic crawl, they use their hands and feet. However, they keep their elbows and knees straight–just like a bear.
  3. Belly crawl. Instead of using the elbows and knees, babies who belly crawl use their bellies to drag themselves forward.
  4. Bottom scooter. As its name suggests, babies use their bottoms to move forward.
  5. Crab crawl. Named after how a crab moves, babies use their hands to move around.
  6. Rolling crawl. In this case, babies roll their way around the floor instead of using their limbs.

6 Benefits of Crawling for Babies


There’s more to crawling than just a way for babies to move and explore the world around them. Below are the 6 top benefits of crawling for babies–both physical and mental.

1. Prepares their hip joints for standing and walking

Crawling shapes and strengthens the hips, so they’re better positioned to lift the body and move forward. 

2. Helps develop various hand skills

For example, when babies crawl, they’ll use their hands a lot. According to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, this also helps strengthen and develop stability at their shoulders. In turn, they’re better able to control their hands for skills such as feeding, colouring, handwriting, and even getting dressed.

3. Encourages exploration and discovery

Nothing encourages babies’ to explore the world around them than with a bit of independence. The objects that they could only gaze at from their cots will be something they’ll crawl their way to once they learn the art of crawling.

4. Learns how to navigate her environment

Crawling babies learn a lot about their environment, from textures to directions. With a little bit of practice, your baby will have the confidence to move around as they figure out the lay of your home.

5. Develops problem-solving skills

From an object in their path to a dead-end in front of them, crawling helps sharpen their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

6. Helps enhance depth perception

Crawling teaches babies firsthand if an object is close or far. According to pediatric occupational therapist Christie of, babies “can begin to judge distance and size based on their experience of moving toward and away from objects as they crawl.:


Keep Your Floors Safe For Your Crawling Baby

Whether your little one is starting to discover the wonder of crawling or you’re preparing for this momentous milestone, it’s a great idea always to keep your floors safe for your crawling baby.

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