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Massage Roller

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This multipurpose beauty massage roller helps to relieve tension, maximize absorption of skincare products, and relieve clogged ducts.

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Taking care of your body is as vital as looking after your face, especially for Mamas who have just given birth.

Mama’s Choice Massage Roller is a beauty tool that can help maximize the absorption of your favorite Mama’s Choice skincare product, increase blood flow, decrease spuffiness, release tension, and even improve your mood!

• It can be used on various parts of the body such as the face, breasts, tummy, and thighs
• It comes with a detachable roller head that allows you to pop it in the freezer for cold therapy and lets you clean it with ease
• It helps relieve facial tension, tighten the skin, and reduce puffiness
• Massages away clogged ducts and stimulates blood flow to relieve pain
• Ergonomic, practical, and lightweight
• Water-resistant and battery-free

Tip: You may detach your roller head and keep it in the freezer for convenient cold therapy.

How to Use

1. Roll gently on your breast, face, neck, or belly
2. Use with your favourite Mama’s Choice skincare product for optimal results
3. Wash or clean the breast area and apply Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Serum or Cream.
4. Clean the roller under running water and soap, then let it dry.


Length 19.5 cm
Width 8.5 cm
Roller diameter 4 cm
Material Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene


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