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Postpartum Adjustable Corset

4 reviews
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A postpartum adjustable corset that not only helps shrink your belly, waist, and hips after giving birth but also helps reduce back pain.

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Mama’s Choice Postpartum Adjustable Corset helps you get back into shape after giving birth and reduce back pain. With an exclusive velcro design, it’s easy to put on this corset every day to help with your postpartum recovery.

Made from breathable materials, our corset is great for daily wear to effectively flatten and firm up the skin around your abdomen, waist and hips. It’s stretchy enough to move in yet provides enough compression to create a flatter appearance.

• Soft and comfortable on the skin, not stuffy
• Velcro fastener with adjustable tension level, helps reduce back pain
• Effectively shrinks the uterus to normal size”

How to Use

Loop the corset around the waist, with the strapless side on the inside. Then, wrap the velcro side over it. Adjust the tightness of the corset according to your preference using the small adhesive traps found on each side.

Once you’re comfortable with its tightness, you’re good to go!

Tips: Do not machine wash


Colour Black, Nude
Size L, XXL

Size Information

L and XXL

Product Dimensions
100cm length
23cm width
Ideal for 29 – 31 inches waist

110cm length
23cm width
Ideal for 32 – 35 inches waist

65% polyester, 35% elastic fibers

Nude, Black


5.04 reviews
  1. kraken_sword

    Very Comfortable

    The item was packed in a drawstring pouch. I’ve just tried it and it is indeed comfortable to wear it daily, or rather, among all corsets, I wore this unknowingly for the whole day (more than 8 hours). Now going to get a few more so that I can alternate the corsets for different days.

  2. samanthaong5891

    Good quality

    Quality looks good. Hopefully it will help me tuck in my post pregnancy tummy….

  3. zhennytang

    Good product

    I really love how this belt can actually support our back. Good product! Highly recommended! 👍🏻

  4. shereenong

    Nice packaging

    Comes in a nice bag to store the corset. Hopefully it will help with postpartum recovery!

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