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Maternity Bracelet

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Motherhood can be hectic and keeping track of your baby’s kicks might be a struggle. But don’t worry, Mama’s Choice Maternity Bracelet is here to help you track your little one’s kicks in the tummy and even monitor your baby’s breastfeeding patterns!

How to Use

As a kick counter
Every morning, make sure the counting disc is next to the Opalite stone. Slide the counting disc every time you feel a kick. The more often the kicks appear, the more obvious the baby’s movement patterns will be. Every baby has a different pattern and it is important to know the pattern. Contact the obstetrician if there is a sudden change in the baby’s movement patterns

As a breastfeeding accessory
Move the bracelet from the left wrist to the right or vice versa as a marker of the breast that was last breastfed. You can also calculate the frequency of direct breastfeeding/formula feeding in the same way as when counting baby kicks.


Bead Type Amazonite, Zebra Jazper

Size Information

Bead type: Amazonite, Zebra Jasper


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