In their first year, baby is still trying to adapt to the outside world, Ma. Because, the body and brain are still very sensitive to foreign things.

Here are some health problems that often occur in newborns:
Here are some health problems that often occur in newborns:
  • 1. Colic
  • 2. Skin rash
  • 3. Indigestion
  • 4. Flu or fever
  • 5. Seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap)

For Mama, health and safety becomes a priority. Therefore, pregnant & lactating mothers need to be careful in choosing care products that are safe for the fetus & baby.

Let’s avoid toxins hidden in daily care products!

But don't worry, we have

Mama’s Choice Baby Calming Series

Baby care products with natural ingredients that are clinically proven safe & effective

Consisting of:

1. Mama’s Choice Baby Hair and Body Wash

2 in 1 hair and body wash with relaxing lavender aromatherapy

2. Mama’s Choice Baby Calming Tummy Oil

Anti-colic telon oil that soothes & helps baby sleep soundly

3. Mama’s Choice Baby Rash Cream

Mama's choice to deal with minor skin irritations in babies quickly

4. Mama’s Choice Baby Mozzbye Skin-Protection Lotion

Repel naughty mosquitoes for 8 hours with natural ingredients lavender & citronella oil

5. Mama’s Choice Baby Moisturizing Hand Gel

Cleans baby's hands 99.99% from germs with a non-alcoholic gentle formula

Testimonials from Mama:

Mama Anita Olan

Mama Must Haves!

This package is a complete package full of benefits. The hand gel for the baby is safe, the scent isn’t too strong, it's perfect for carrying everywhere. I like the calming tummy oil the most, the smell is calming, removes bloat from the baby's tummy right away. And I like the size of the rash cream, it's not too big and easy to carry when I leave the baby at the mom's house. Thank you Mama's Choice!

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