Various physical changes that are often experienced by pregnant & lactating women include:
Various physical changes that are often experienced by pregnant & lactating women include:
  • 1. Stretch marks
  • 2. Dry & cracked nipples
  • 3. Dry & dull skin
  • 4. Sensitive & acne skin
  • 5. Hair loss
  • 6. Teeth & gum problems
  • 7. Nausea, vomiting and fatigue

For Mama, safety and health are a priority. Therefore, pregnant & lactating mothers need to be careful in choosing care products that are safe for the fetus & baby.

Let's avoid toxins hidden in daily care products!

But don't worry, we have

Mama’s Choice Personal Care Series

Safe and natural treatment options for pregnant & lactating mothers

Consisting of:

1. Mama’s Choice Treatment

Mama's favorite product to prevent & treat skin problems during pregnancy & breastfeeding

2. Mama’s Choice Face Care Series

A skincare range to cleanse, nourish, and moisturize Mama’s face

3. Mama’s Choice Hair Care Series

With natural ingredients to reduce hair loss, treat & stimulate hair growth

4. Mama’s Choice Oral Care Series

Non-fluoride toothpaste & non-alcoholic mouthwash to reduce nausea and vomiting

5. Mama’s Choice Supplements

Supplements from 100% natural ingredients to fulfill the body needs of pregnant & lactating women

6. Mama’s Choice Relaxify Series

Herbal oils and aromatherapy specially formulated, safe for pregnant & lactating mothers

Testimonials from Mama:

Mama Inez

Love Everything!

Complete according to the needs of pregnant women. Good for keeping the mood during pregnancy. The ingredients are natural and safe for sensitive skin too, so that's really great! Best to buy a package for personal use or as a gift. The price is worth it and there are many discounts too!

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