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Pregnancy Starter kit

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Settle your maternity oral care needs and stretch mark treatment programme with our best-selling Lipobelle™ Soyaglycone Stretch Mark cream and Oral Care bundle!

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If you’re in the first trimester, this bundle is your perfect starter!

Our Lipobelle™ Soyaglycone Stretch Mark cream is remarkable at relieving itching and building collagen to thicken your skin and lower the risk of stretch marks appearing.

Our alcohol-free, travel-size Natural Mouthwash provides long-lasting fresh breath, driving away your morning sickness while you’re on-the-go!

Every bundle contains:
1. Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream: Helps prevent stretch marks and relieve itching.

2. Mama’s Choice Maternity Toothpaste: Makes teeth healthier and stronger, especially during pregnancy. Helps prevent or alleviate nausea.

3. Mama’s Choice Natural Mouthwash: Helps maintain oral hygiene, freshens breath, and prevents halitosis (excessive bad breath).


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