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Manual Breast Pump

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Our manual breast pump is every mama’s practical pumping companion with its innovative design, ergonomic shape, and sheer simplicity.

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Mama’s Choice Manual Breast Pump is ideal for mamas who are just starting out in their pumping journey or would like to have a back-up pump that they can bring wherever they go. Even without electricity, you can easily and painlessly pump with no worries!

This manual pump’s innovative design makes it easy for mamas to pump with one hand. Arriving in a practical packaging, it’s convenient to carry as well. Moreover, it’s made of quality, non-toxic materials that are guaranteed safe for mamas and babies.

How To Assemble:
1. Install the silicone cylinder on the connector
2. Make sure it’s tightly closed
3. Place and secure the pump lever with the pull ring located on the connector
4. Insert the bottle screw into the bottle mouth through the bottom of the pump connector
5. Pumping position

The warranty period is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.
The warranty only applies to damage to the pump.

How to Use

1. Sit in a relaxed and relaxed position
2. Place the breast pump over the breast, aligning it with the nipple
3. Position one hand holding the pump and the other hand supporting the breast
4. Wash hands and all equipment after use

Size Information

Color: Lilac


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