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Floor Cleaner

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Let your little one discover the joy of crawling and playtime with clean and bacteria-free floors.

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Nothing worries Mamas quite like bacteria and viruses. And when your little one has started to walk or crawl, that worry increases tenfold! Fortunately, you can cast all worries aside with Mama’s Choice Baby Floor Cleaner that effectively cleans the floor while using only safe and natural ingredients.

Mama’s Choice Baby Floor Cleaner uses carefully selected natural ingredients such as Rosemary Extract, Chamomile Extract and Lavender Extract to clean floors and remove bacteria. Free of harsh and harmful chemicals that are unsafe for babies, our floor cleaner is suitable for baby’s sensitive skin.

How to Use

Pour 1 bottle cap of the Baby Floor Cleaner into 2-3 liters of water. Wet a mop with the solution, wring it out and clean the floor.

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