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Mama’s Choice Body Shaper Breathable Corset

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Regain your body shape with Mama’s Choice Body Shaper Breathable Corset that helps to shrink your belly faster, visibly flatten the stomach area, and reduce back pain.

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Get back your ideal curves safely with Mama’s Choice Body Shaper Breathable Corset. Soft and breathable, our corset helps to flatten and tone the stomach area.

• Effectively helps flatten and shrink the stomach, waist and hips
• Not tight and stuffy, with a hook and eye closure that can be adjusted as desired
• Helps reduce back pain and improve posture
• Effectively restores the size of the uterus and round ligaments to pre-pregnancy size

How to Use

How to use:
1. Loop the corset around the waist, with the plain side on the inside and the side with hooks on the outside
2. Select the hook column according to the body size and attach the hooks one by one
3. Go about your day while the corset works to repair and restore your body shape


Colour Black, Nude
Size M, XL


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