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Baby Food Maker

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Mama’s Choice Baby Food Maker lets mamas prepare weaning food with ease. This electric food maker can steam, blend, mox, warm, and even sterilise.

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Preparing your little one’s solid food is easier than ever with Mama’s Choice Baby Food Maker!

A 4-in-1 tool to assist mamas in their little one’s weaning journey, this baby food makers is perfect for steaming, blending, mixing, warming milk, and even sterilising utensils, bottles, pacifiers, and more!

This food maker has a touch screen control panel for ease of use. It also comes with a Tritan mixing cup and a 2-Steamer Rack that lets you steam two ingredients at the same time.

How to Use

The product will only work when all components are properly installed. If the product is in stand-by state and the components have not been properly installed, the panel will show ‘E1’.

Size Information

Model: BFP-5800E
Color/surface: Beige (Cookie Crumble)
Heating Power: 300W
Stirring Power: 130W
Average Power: 220V-240V 50/60Hz
Water Holding Capacity: 200 mL
Container Capacity: 600mL
Net Weight: 1.72kg
Gross Weight: 2.23kg
Product Size: 300 x 144 x 245 mm
Plug Type: Indonesia Type C



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