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Complete Pregnancy Bundle

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Prepare yourself for the journey to motherhood with our Complete Pregnancy Bundle!

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Pregnancy is one beautifully unique experience. Be ready for the surprises along the way with our curated selection of products that can help you get through each week without worries.

Each Complete Pregnancy Bundle consists of:

Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream
With a patented formula by Mama’s Choice, our stretch mark cream helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and relieves itching.

Mama’s Choice Non-Fluoride Toothpaste
Free of fluoride, which can be harmful for pregnancy, each ingredient in our toothpaste has been carefully selected to support healthy gums and teeth. Allantoin and miswak are essential for soothing inflamed gums, reducing bacterial growth and providing protection against cavities

Mama’s Choice Natural Mouthwash
Our combination of natural ingredients safely and effectively prevents plaque-causing bacteria and soothes inflamed gums without. Available in a travel-size bottle, this mouthwash is perfect for working mothers who are always on the go.

Mama’s Choice Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner
Enriched with kiwi, candlenut, and green peas that together strengthen hair roots and stimulate hair growth.

Mama’s Choice Relaxing Massage Oil
Our natural blend of lavender, grapefruit oil, and orange oil provides relaxation and mood enhancement to help improve blood circulation.

Mama’s Choice Intensive Nipple Cream
Made with completely natural date palm extract and coconut oil, our nipple cream provides a soothing and hydrating effect to help relieve nipple pain naturally.

Mama’s Choice Daily Protection Face Moisturiser
Keeps your facial skin supple and glowing, while protecting it from sunspots and UV rays. Contains natural ingredients such as rice extract and hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrates skin and restores elasticity for a smoother and radiant skin.

Mama’s Choice Gentle Face Wash
Keeps your facial clean as it effectively removes dust, dirt, and makeup residues in one wash. Enriched with rice extract and hydrolyzed collagen extract to nourish the skin and help bring out its natural glow.

How to Use

Each product can be safely used from the first trimester.


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