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Baby Instant Swaddle

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Mama’s Choice Baby Instant Swaddle helps babies feel safe and secure while keeping them safe from the risk of loose blankets.

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Is your little one always crying in the middle of the night? Are you and your baby struggling to catch a good night’s sleep?

Mama’s Choice Instant Swaddle is here to help your baby feel safe and secure by mimicking the feeling of being held and minimizing the startle reflex. This way, your baby can sleep more, wake up less, and stay cozy all night!

• Made from 100% premium cotton
• Soft and breathable material to prevent the risk of overheating
• Tested with international standards, US and SNI
• Creates a womb-like environment that helps them feel safe and secure
• Keeps baby warm without loose blankets and bedding that may cause unintentional suffocation.
• Allows hip movement (bend & kick) and development and recognised as a hip-healthy design by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

How to Use

1. Open the swaddle and lay flat. Place baby inside the swaddle.
2. Wrap the upper left wrap over and secure the center hook and loop.
3. Tuck left flap behind the baby.
4. Wrap fight flap over baby and secure tabs on the side panel. Flaps should be snug over baby’s chest.


Variant Bun Bun, Fern Green
Size M: 60x70cm (3-6 months), S: 50x70cm (0-3 months)
Age 0 – 3 months, 3 – 6 months


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